Day At The Beach – Omaha Beach, Normandy 1944

Do yourself a favor and skip to 1:42. It’s boring as hell before that point.

I didn’t know what to expect when I started watching.  It’s fairly well done though if you can get past the extreme historical inaccuracies.


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  1. The Genius Avatar
    The Genius

    WOW!, I am a little suprised to See NY Congressman Anthony Weiner here on EDNDO.

    I am unable to watch the video though, due to a propensity to vomit when watching girlie men in action.

  2. The Genius Avatar
    The Genius

    Ok, I did end up watching the video, and the man in the film is definitely not Congressman Weiner, as the the man in the red & white PJ’s is much too brave.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha yea not Anthony Weiner

  3. Perturbo Avatar

    Reminds me of a Tim Wilson bit Uncle BS.

    I can’t find the Normandy bit, but this should give a good idea of it.

  4. proud hipoint user Avatar
    proud hipoint user

    was he le professional lol

  5. Michael Bakowski Avatar
    Michael Bakowski

    Semi auto bolt action rifle ftw at 2:10.