Ukrainian Army TV Advertisement

A real Ukrainian TV ad from 2007:

girl 1: would u take us for a ride on your BMW?
BMW-driver: even to the end of the world!
soldier: hey, i’d like to drown some vodka, girls!
girl 1: just a second!
girl 2: where do you live?
soldier: right here- daytime at work, and at night in the clubs!
girl 1: which work???
soldier: contract of course!
blonde girl: contract?? marriage contract or what?
girl 3: army contract, stupid!
BMW driver: hey, don’t you wanna ride on my car?
girls: forget it, take yourself for a ride!
narrator: it’s about time for new heroes! with contract based service in ukrainian armed forces!

Just that guy’s luck… he gets a BMW which temporarily gets the ladies… only to be cockblocked when the Ukranian soldiers roll up 4 deep out of the smoke packing heat and steal his women.

APC > BMW… let that be a lesson to all of you single guys.


9 responses to “Ukrainian Army TV Advertisement”

  1. This is so fucking legit.

  2. HaHa. That Army dude looks like Dennis from Its Always Sunny….

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL so true. I’ll go one step further and say he specifically looks like the pedophile “fat” Dennis from that one episode.

      1. HAHA!

  3. Austrian Military (Bundesheer) faked the spot.
    It started a debate about sexism here and was banned.

    Greetings from Austria

  4. Look at those uniforms. I didn’t know it was possible to get anything that clean in Eastern Europe…

  5. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    When did Debbie Gibson ship her entire ’80s wardrobe to the Ukraine?

  6. jeeze, the close up on those chick’s teeth made me wince

  7. Not vodka, he said the water) “vodichka”-water “vodochka” – vodka