Magpul Dynamics – The Art Of The Precision Rifle

Looks pretty awesome. Probably not as exciting as some of the other high speed low drag videos they have out… but i’ll be picking up a copy when it comes out anyways.

I wonder if “tight pants tight groupings” holds true for precision rifle as well?

If you don’t have the other magpul dynamics dvds, pick them up:


2 responses to “Magpul Dynamics – The Art Of The Precision Rifle”

  1. Got all of the dvds, the moment I saw that bullet curve in slow motion and hit the metal target… seems my collection will expand a bit more.

  2. Interesting idea to lay the rifle 90 degrees almost “gangsta” style – looks like it lowers the shooter’s profile while reducing/eliminating the “giveaway” from the muzzle blast affecting soil, etc. on the ground.