Replace The AK-47? Russian Defense Minister Causes Uproar

Russia’s Defense Minister, Anatoly Serdyukov, set off a firestorm of debate in Russia after saying that his military’s pride and joy, the Kalashnikov and Dragunov SVDs sniper rifles, are “morally outdated” and that he’s considering a plan to buy foreign-made small arms.

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Yea… I can imagine that didn’t go over too well.


6 responses to “Replace The AK-47? Russian Defense Minister Causes Uproar”

  1. The Kalashnikov was replaced by the AN-94. Russia just can’t afford to build enough to issue them.

    I don’t quite understand his comment about foreign weapons though. That makes no sense. Russia has plenty of arms factories that are capable of producing anything they want. Why spend more money to buy rifles?

  2. SPC Fish Avatar

    in the article he talks about how it is hard to find people to work in the factories because they dont pay much compared to other factory jobs because the gov wants to keep the prices down

  3. Yeah, in terms of firearms production, Russia IMHO is a powerhouse – there’s an entire world of firearms/cartridges that only Russians know about, like the 9x39mm and the OTS-14. Plus it amuses me that Scales made the inaccuracy comment about the AK-47 and how russia is looking to replace them, when the AK-74 is the main service rifle and is pretty much on par with modern assault rifles in terms of accuracy

  4. Ted N(not the Nuge) Avatar
    Ted N(not the Nuge)

    “His whereabouts are currently unknown, but suspected to be a gulag.”

  5. See, we’re not the only ones with idiots in the government. Hey, if they want to do one of those DRMO clearances of spare stock…

  6. truthhunter Avatar

    strange when many nations copied the basic principle of the AK47 south Africa for instance and Israel
    with the Galil.
    Russia makes top quality weapons, and knives, and superb aircraft, not to mention space equipment, and some very revolutionary ideas in engineering and naval vessels.
    Ironic when you consider that troops in afghan needed a 7.62 weapon as the 5.56 was too short ranged and ineffective at 400m when opposition enemies could hit them at longer ranges. I remember
    the superbly brave Delta rifleman at Mogadishu armed with M14 derivative 7.62 it seems people never
    learn or retain the lessons learned the hard way