How Gun Holster Reviews Should Be Done

Take a lesson from this guy if you plan on reviewing a holster:

Tactical jump rope to urban prone is now considered necessary. I like the idea of BMX’ing with a gun… so much for crowded ramps with mouthy teens.

The holster is a Raven Concealment brand “Phantom”.  I frankly don’t see all the fuss about those.  They are obviously good holsters, but if it wasn’t for magpul’s use of them in their video series I don’t think they would be as popular.  They don’t seem to offer anything that really differentiates them from the pack.


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  1. Looks like a holster. I lovelovelove Magpul, but iI have to agree that there’s no such thing as greatness by association. Hey, why doesn’t Magpul make a holster yet?

  2. 1:06 printing badly?

  3. it’s a sheet of semi-molded kydex and rivets..

  4. And a 4 month wait.

  5. Michael S. Avatar
    Michael S.

    Raven was taking off and had a 3-4 month backlog way before the Magpul videos. The big deal about them, at least back when they started, was their holster concealed like a leather rig. This was at a time when all the non leather OWB (kydex) holsters were bulky and not the greatest for concealed carry i.e. the Blade Tech and Blackhawk SERPA. These days there are dozens of similar holsters on the market so the wow factor has decreased considerably.

  6. Michael, I’d have to say that you’re forgetting Comp-Tac which had very concealable designs way before Raven. Raven’s big selling point is that it can be easily switched from OWB to IWB.

  7. They are great holsters, only TRUE reason why I’d want one is all the combos with lights that they have. Most other kydex makers only have the x300 and tlr 1.

  8. Michael S. Avatar
    Michael S.

    Eric, Comp-Tac of course has had their fantastic IWB Minotaur and C-TAC but when Raven came on the scene Comp-Tac didn’t have anything OWB that concealed like a Phantom. Even looking at their web page now it their OWB holsters would be far better suited for range and competition use than concealed carry.

    I also agree with Aaron that Raven took people by storm with their weapon mounted light options which is what drew me to them early on. Not having to take my weapon light off between duty/off-duty was a big plus for me.

  9. Like Michael said, the big deal is that they were the “first” mainstream offering of a Kydex holster like this. I went with them because I like having a light on my gun, and they had the option for it.

    The wait does suck though. Ordered one for my M&P back in November… still waiting. Lots of other options out there, but none with the flexibility and the light option though.

  10. OK that review was awesome. The scene 30 seconds in had me laughing my ass off.

  11. I was somewhat let down that there was no transition while on the bike and he didn’t just start letting off rounds in that skate park.

  12. Is holster. *shrug* Jumping up and down would be what I consider to be the bare minimum of retention from an OWB holster, though…

    I have to admit, though, the tactical emergence from the stream in one’s undies? Yeah, that was made of awesomeness.

  13. proud hipoint user Avatar
    proud hipoint user

    whoa someone was taking note from the predator rofl i rewound the stream part about five times and he walked away look he just got someone of his lawn priceless lol

  14. Mike Rod Avatar

    I must prefer the Crossbreed concealed holster, it can do everything this one can and is very comfortable.

  15. I want to know why he can’t work the holster without holding it with his left hand.

    But at least it was awesome choice in music (The Sword, “The Sundering” from their “Gods of the Earth” album).

  16. thebronze Avatar

    I’m a Raven Phantom owner and I’m not overly impressed with it. It doesn’t live up to all that hype, as far as I’m concerned. I much prefer my Blade-tech holsters, but those bastards don’t make a holster for any TLR-1’s (WTF is up with that?).

    Buy something else that you can get sooner.

  17. Horrible customer service! Their CSR “Kayla” mumbles into the phone and basically told me she doesnt care that I placed my order 5 months ago here in Astan….

    Steer clear, they are all hype.

    BTW, my order was for well over $350.

  18. While the guy in the demo sure can handle his weapon well, I was a little concerned with the T-shirt over the holster being shown. It is so important to choose the right combination of everything for concealed carry to work well. The T-shirt material seemed a bit “stiff” and caught on the grip revealing the handgun. A softer free flowing material may have slipped over the gun frame a little easier retaining its concealment.