Justin Bieber Glock – Perfect For Open Carry

Cerakote came out with a Virtual Gun Coater to show off their finishes, so naturally I went with the custom Justin Bieber Coating:

You can play around with their virtual gun coater – HERE

I imagine myself OC’ing while strolling down a dark alley, when some punks approach me and I start singing the start of the chorus to this song:


The punks get creeped out and run away.

De-escalation at its finest.


10 responses to “Justin Bieber Glock – Perfect For Open Carry”

  1. Damn, for a minute I thought you could upload your own pics :(

    1. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
      Aleksandr Mravinsky

      Same. Plus my ears just got raped. WHY DID I CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON?

      1. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
        Aleksandr Mravinsky

        Also, an aside, why is red-orange LE only?

        1. Eightbyte Avatar

          Probably because it could be mistaken for, and therefore disregarded as the blaze orange tip of an airsoft gun. I’m not sure, …it’s just my inference.

  2. I have to say, I think that’s a good de-escalation plan. I would honestly be afraid that not only would you shoot me, it would be in a grievous but not immediately life-threatening way, such that you could go and get you creepy van, throw me in the back, and do weird stuff with me Buffalo Bill style. “It calls it a magazine, not a clip, or it GETS THE HOSE!”

    I would stay the hell away from Glock-toting Beiber fans, in other words.

  3. That is hilarious.

  4. Damn….that was BIZARRE to the Nth Degree…YOU my friend have a RARE sense of humor and I LIKE IT !

  5. proud hipoint user Avatar
    proud hipoint user

    i so want one

  6. Damn. I thought it’s a game called: “shot JB” :(

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