Internet Based Hunting – Shotguns Online And Ready To Shoot

Creepy as the concept might be, someone actually built an Internet-controlled network of web-accessible cameras and shotguns aimed into a food plot on a Georgia Power Company right-of-way last fall.

A utility contractor encountered the setup, snapped a few photos and reported the odd apparatus to the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division, which in turn notified the U.S. Office of Homeland Security.

Full Story – HERE

LOL now that’s lazy.  I give them an A for ingenuity though. Gotta love our connected world.

Shouldn’t have been too hard to track the owner given they should have his IP address.

The right to bear arms remotely… That’s a new one.  Those Benelli guns aren’t cheap… Not the type I’d want to leave unattended anywhere.


3 responses to “Internet Based Hunting – Shotguns Online And Ready To Shoot”

  1. Someone is probably gonna go steal those.

  2. That someone will more than likely be law enforcement. This sort of thing is pretty nutting but the libs would go absolutely crazy if they saw this.

  3. You know what they say about abandoned property, If it’s abandoned, it’s my property.