Plastic Guns, Anti Aircraft Weapons, Clips, And Cop Killer Bullets On Rachel Maddow

The Glock 7 among other bullshit is back:

Rachel Maddow just skyrocketed to the top of my list of least favorite lesbians, and today was the first day I heard of her (sorry Rosie O’donnell).  If you have 14 minutes to waste, watch the above clip… its sad and hilarious at the same time.  At least she said “30 round magazine” at 8:20, not CLIP…. oh wait… she did say clip 2 out of 4 times after all in the same breath LOL.

Shootings are such tragedies, and so is the media’s response to them. If you ask me, Glock should be suing all these news outlets for spreading false information about their firearms.


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  1. when the hell did glock say they could make a gun out of plastic? what is a cop killer bullet are they talking about black talons? can anyone comment on when glock came out with the 33rd mag for the g18? would it have been better if he used a 30rd mag and a beretta from the 80’s. god theres a lot of miss info in this video

    1. Your problem is that you are under the impression that this woman wants to inform people. She doesnt. She is a stupid leftist bitch trying to convert other people to her ignorant ideals.
      (im a socially liberal republican)

    2. I think shes talkin about teflon coated bullets that could go through windsheilds and stuff. Its good that they banned those so now there is no way to get super strong deeply penetrating bullets anymore *cough* depleated uranium *cough*
      im 16 and i know this, how does this ignorant cunt not?

      1. or you could just make your own its not that hard to make teflon coated bullets
        or bullets with shard steel (or tungsten) spikes in them designed to go through kevlar

      2. You “think” she’s talking about teflon coated bullets? No, moron, she is talking about a plastic gun that does not actually exist. By the way, someone with your lousy spelling skills should not have the balls to call anyone ignorant…..even a dyke like Maddow.


  3. That’s such a handsome young man.

  4. “What if a gun was made of all plastic?”… What about the f$%# bullets? Is this plastic gun going to shoot plastic bullets? I think those are called air soft. I didn’t even get 30 seconds into it, and I had to make a comment.

    1. you beat me. About 10 seconds into that dross and I was shouting “Bullets… a gun is no use without flipping bullets!” Sure, take it in to all those places. Pull it out and wave it around if you want. But dont be surprised if the security arrangements in place result in you being shot seven times in the head

  5. ZBalentine Avatar

    She should really stop using bad 80s action flicks as her sourse material.

    …and wear some goddam makeup, Rachel. We all get that you’re a flaming dyke, whatever floats yer boat; but seriously, have some dignity.

  6. Funny how I look up all gun law information I need on google. The evil gun lobby must be slipping? Or maybe they just tightened up their grip around the time she broadcast this informa… No, wait. Still works just fine. I call shenanigans.

  7. Encircled Avatar

    you’re clever rachel^^ i like your idea of how banning high capacity “clips” would prevent someone who is willing to actually kill people from buying them. of course, he would be scared and say “oh no! that’s illegal! i am not allowed to buy them on the black market so i have to do my killing spree with something else, that’s not been banned!”

    the same old mistake, ban the guns = remove the guys willing to use them against innocents. stupid, stupid lesbian. so much rage about nothing.

    1. @Encircled AGREED!!!

  8. It’s time like this I wish I had a larger vocabulary so that I could more accurately describe my hatred for this kind of crap.

    1. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
      Aleksandr Mravinsky

      Try hanging out with high school students.

  9. I like how she neglected to mention that high-density plastics will also register on a modern metal detector. Must be that plastics lobby, controlling Google…

    No wonder the media is always feeding us such inconceivably retarded bullshit when they cannot even perform a proper internet search.

    1. “I like how she neglected to mention that high-density plastics will also register on a modern metal detector.
      or that an all plastic gun does not exist at all

  10. SPC Fish Avatar

    i stopped listening after she said that no other countries have problems of shootings. what a dumb bitch. and Kop Killer bullets is my new thing. i think im gonna go buy a hundred rounds or so of teflon coated bullets next chance i get. and while im at it mine as well pick up some steel core AP ammo. this video was richly stupid. thanks for giving me something to make fun of.

    the anti-aircraft part was funny too. i think im glad she doesnt know about NFA weapons

  11. @John
    I had the exact same reaction- sure you can bring a plastic gun through metal detectors, but good luck with the bullets!!

  12. What makes people think that the media is there to get you properly investigated information. They exist to get you to watch their shows so that the network can sell advertising. There is no investigative journalism any more. More slpash more glits more ratings, and that means more guns, bombs, sex and scandals!

  13. Does she not realize that entirely plastic guns are a 25-year-old myth?

  14. Oh, never mind, almost all of the anti-gun lobby’s arguments are based on myths.

  15. The irony is, the fact that this jackass used really long high-cap magazines is probably the sole reason that it was torn out of his grip by an old lady in the first place.

    1. @Dave That is EXACTLY what I was thinking, so in reality they are really lucky that he did. Plus, I did some testing on my own and it take me twice as long to fumble around with a 30 round mag, as apposed to almost no time with standard mags and my hand almost completely covers a standard mag as well. A friend and I are about to do some scenario testing with airsoft guns so more results to come.

  16. You would think that ACTUAL research would be done before putting such non-sense out for a national audience

  17. Joe Mama Avatar

    Hey, who’s the dude in the little picture?

  18. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
    Aleksandr Mravinsky

    Did the interviewer say “all plastic guns that terrorists use to hijack planes”? Last I checked all plastic guns do not exist, all plastic bullets do not exist, and there are no exceptions listed under the second amendment. All plastic (at least, all nonmetal) knives do exist. Have these been banned? They seem to be far more plausible choices for hijackers than a nonexistent weapon.

  19. Why don’t people have brains? Gun control should be giving responsible people guns and keeping them away from the mentally ill. That’s all the control that’s needed. One sensible, willing, trained civil could have put a round in his head and it would have been done then and there. No law is going to stop the mentally ill from getting weapons. We should be able to protect ourselves properly when they do.

  20. Watch her titter with glee as she discribes Chaney commenting on his past gun law votes.

    Even after this horrific recent shooting, she cannot help herself not to paint someone as a maniac if they don’t vote against guns.

    The only Gun Control we should be talking 24 hours a day about is the gun control that Patricia Maisch, Roger Salzgeber and Bill D. Badger used to stop the shooter.

    Those three people know gun control and are true American heros, end of debate.

    1. The only Gun Control we should be talking 24 hours a day about is the gun control that Patricia Maisch, Roger Salzgeber and Bill D. Badger used to stop the shooter.

      100% right and if the 3 were armed and trained the story would different.

  21. I usually watch these videos in good humor but I felt my brain melting: not only are the facts so shallow it was coming out of a loudmouth TV host

  22. OutlawStar Avatar

    Wonder if those who voted for a plastic gun ban realized they banned something that can’t possibly fire bullets…

    God it’s amazing how wrong the left is on guns, and how unashamed they are about it.

  23. plastic guns, where?

    I love the part ” Regan banned full auto weapons ” the fact that Machine guns have been banned for civilians since 1934 must be something that has alluded her writers after all she is just a puppet reading from a prompter.

    Trust me no need to Google it sheeple, you wont find it, don’t do your own research, I am telling you the truth, TRUST ME.

    1. She implies that you shouldn’t do your own research, but actually states “[y]ou have to go to your public library” when she’s harping on gun rights groups owning the discussion. Sorry, I don’t have a time code in the video as I won’t subject myself to that stupidity a second time around.

  24. totally crop

    Here is a snapshot timeline of some of the worst mass shooting incidents around the world since 1982:

    April 1982 – South Korea – Police officer Woo Bum Kong went on a drunken rampage in Sang-Namdo with rifles and hand grenades, killing 57 people and wounding 38 before blowing himself up.

    August 19, 1987 – Britain – Michael Ryan, a 27-year-old gun fanatic rampaged through the English town of Hungerford, killing 16 people and wounding 11 before shooting himself.

    July 1989 – France – A French farmer shot and killed 14 people including members of his family in the village of Luxiol, near the Swiss border. He was wounded and captured by police.

    December 1989 – Canada – A 25-year-old war movie fan with a grudge against women shot dead 14 young women at the University of Montreal, then killed himself.

    November 1990 – New Zealand – A gun-mad loner killed 11 men, women and children in a 24-hour rampage in the tiny New Zealand seaside village of Aramoana. He was killed by police.

    September 1995 – France – A 16-year-old youth ran amok with a rifle in the town of Cuers, killing 16 people and then himself after an argument with his parents.

    March 13, 1996 – Britain – Gunman Thomas Hamilton burst into a primary school in the Scottish town of Dunblane and shot dead 16 children and their teacher before killing himself.

    April 1999 – US – Two heavily armed teenagers went on a bloody rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton, Denver, shooting 13 students and staff before taking their own lives.

    July 1999 – US – A gunman killed nine people at two brokerages in Atlanta, after apparently killing his wife and two children. He committed suicide five hours later.

    June 2001 – Nepal – Eight members of the Nepalese Royal family were killed in a palace massacre by Crown Prince Dipendra who later turned a gun on himself and died few days later. His youngest brother also died later raising the death toll to 10.

    April 26, 2002 – Germany – In Erfurt, eastern Germany, 19-year-old Robert Steinhauser opened fire after saying he was not going to take a maths test. He killed 12 teachers, a secretary, two pupils and a policeman at the Gutenberg Gymnasium, before killing himself.

    October 2002 – US – John Muhammad and Lee Malvo killed 10 people in sniper-style shooting deaths that terrorized the Washington, DC, area in October 2002.

    September 1, 2004 – Russia – Three hundred and thirty three hostages, at least 186 of them children, died in a chaotic storming by Russian forces of School No.1 in Beslan, after it was seized by rebels demanding Chechen independence.

    April 16, 2007 – US – Virginia Tech, a university in Blacksburg, Virginia, became the site of the deadliest rampage in US history when a gunman killed 32 people and himself.

    November 7, 2007 – Finland – Pekka-Eric Auvinen killed six fellow students, the school nurse and the principal and himself with a handgun at the Jokela High School near Helsinki.

    September 23, 2008 – Finland – Student Matti Saari opened fire in a vocational school in Kauhajoki in northwest Finland, killing nine other students and one male staff member before killing himself.

    March 11, 2009 – Germany – A 17-year-old gunman dressed in black combat gear killed nine students and three teachers at a school near Stuttgart. He also killed one other person at a nearby clinic. He later killed in a shoot-out with police. Two additional passers-by were killed and two policemen seriously injured, bringing the death toll to 16 including the gunman.

    June 2, 2010 – Britain – Gunman Derrick Bird opened fire on people in towns across the rural county of Cumbria. Twelve people were killed and 11 injured. Bird also killed himself.


    1. Thank you Bryce…. I was looking for this list!

    2. Also funny to note how it’s all 1st world country shooting sprees that gets all the media attention. Meanwhile there are child soldiers running around doped up with automatic weapons wasting each other on a regular basis in the more effed up parts of the world.

  25. You want to know why there is so much pro gun rhetoric on the internet? Because there are millions upon millions of us who are pro gun. You know why the gun lobby still has power? Because millions upon millions of law abiding US citizens support it. So sorry if we like our constitutional rights. I’ll put an offer on the table for this person, you get to ban guns, and we get to ban you and every other bed wetting liberal from being able to spew this crap.

  26. I am not a “gun freak” by any means. I believe in the 2nd amendment, I am a Glock owner and CCW permit holder. However, I’m not opposed to new information that disrupts and possibly changes my core belief system if it makes sense. This piece was too painful to watch (in a sick way). I have a very low threshold for ignorance. If she only knew how stupid she sounded. What a disservice to those affected directly by this terrible tragedy, to have these people parade a gun control issue as being the source of the problem. We all know the argument there. Instead, focus on the human, social and psychological element of this. Loughner was a mental and societal train wreck. It’s not about guns, extended magazines or ammunition. If someone gets run over by a car, do they blame the car or say that if we banned cars nobody would get run over? No, they blame the driver. What could those that sniffed Loughner out (and there were plenty) done to call more attention to his abnormal behavior being monitored more closely? What were the triggers? How can schools and educators be more in tune with deviant behavior and what can they do to report it and have someone take it seriously? I certainly dont proclaim to have the answers, and I know these have been hotly debated issues for years. There will never, unfortunately, be checks and balances to prevent evil from erupting in our society and hurting innocent lives. But, seriously gun control advocates – spend your energy and focus where it can make a difference. Attack the problem at the source.

  27. Wow, just wow. Is this lady serious? First and foremost, there is no such thing as a “cop-killer boolits”, these people must be borderline retarded. If they are talking about black talons, you can buy them anywhere, and they dont defeat body armor any better than most other rounds. As for a plastic gun, what is it going to fire? If it fires plastic rounds, it wouldn’t even break your skin, if it fires normal rounds, they are made of metal… so yeah. Clips? Don’t even get me started. From what I understand, the gunman in AZ used normal Glock MAGAZINES, as he had to reload, and only around 20 shots were fired. Why is it that these anti-gun nuts want to ban things that had nothing to do with their example for wanting to ban them? I’ve heard some higher ups calling for assault weapons bans, citing the recent shooting. He didn’t have an assault weapon, if he did, he would not have been able to get near that place without people seeing the giant rifle he was toting. These people represent everything that is wrong with our country, they just spout off unsubstantiated crap that heard from someone else, and they have no idea what it is or what it means. Reminds me of a barrel shroud being “That shoulder thing that goes up”.

  28. 30 round Magazines do not instigate violence.

  29. Wow, this dyke is really a moron.

    Does she know you can still buy machine guns legally if you do the paperwork? Does she know that the glock is NOT a plastic gun?

  30. Take away, curtail or otherwise legislate my 2nd Amendment right, when you ban lesbians from blurting out nonsense on the boob tube.

    She should find a dyke-friendly kitchen and hide.


  32. hey lady, yes they should be able to own guns that are made of plastic because of the 2nd amendment.
    although it is impossible to make total plastic guns. barrel has to be made of metal. then again im arguing with ignorant liberals so why try?
    debating with a liberal is like yell at a wall, no matter how many facts you use to disprove their claim they will not move due to their lack of knowledge. however, both respond really well to a sledge hammer

  33. Get a plastic gun.
    Smuggle through air port/security
    realise you have a plastic gun but no bullets as they would still show up on a metal detector
    Use pistol as a blunt piece of plastic
    Gun useless.

  34. Lets ban large vehicles, large dogs, large knives, and doctors. Numbers show that the things I just listed kill a lot more people then mass shootings each year…

  35. Citizen X Avatar

    Lol, “No other country in the world has the problem as America does with mass shootings.” Wow, if you are so “educated”. Then maybe you should know that in FACT we are not the top of the crime rate of shootings. Also, most of our shootings are caused by people who go past the law to obtain weapons, because they CANNOT pass our background check. You pump fear with out even allowing defensive arguments. I own weapons with “extended” magazines. None of my weapons have hurt anything but dirt and paper. Look at the things leading up to the shootings such as the school shootings: They all were made fun of and pressured. Same with Fort Hood, he was made fun of for being a Muslim and he snapped. Guns = Fear, so of course that will be the first thing they grab. ” Don’t do your own independent research”, Why? So people can see you are full of non-sense?

  36. Citizen X Avatar

    Also, there is metal inside of Glocks. The firing pin is made of a light alloy. Also, bullets would set off a metal detector because they are *gasp* METAL. Hmmm….. The politics and some people here are just so funny.

  37. Michael Bakowski Avatar
    Michael Bakowski

    People always seems to forget that bullets are made of metal. So even IF Glock pistols where full plastic (which they’re not) metal detectors would still detect the rounds in the pistol.

  38. The piece was annoying, that much I get- but why did you put the little picture of the guy from the Karate Kid movies on the post.

  39. Oh the media… when will they learn. Oh right, NEVER.

  40. Damn, not only do i need to go out and buy a glock 19 i need to look for a plastic glock model 7 and some cop killer ammo. I do not know if i can afford to buy all these cool toys the media keeps telling me about.

    1. Eric, I don’t think you could afford a glock 7. It cost more than what Dennis Franz makes in a year. Haha! Maddow is almost funny to listen to given her blatant ignorance.

  41. part of me wants to view that video, but I know I’ll just get pissed off. I can’t stand that Wesley Brusher look a like. I feel bad for Wil Wheaton since madcow got on tv

  42. The crux of her argument is that the government is there,not to uphold and protect citizen rights – but,instead there to protect us from ourselves.

    She, is wrong. But, then again, what do you expect from somebody who believes in the collective body and that this country is a democrocy – and not a Republic.

  43. god bless america!

    freedom of speech allows ladies like her to broadcast her opinions, and allow for such informative groups like us to offer a response to those opinions. I swell with pride every time I see a protesting hippie and he doesn’t get beaten down for it.

    I only made it to eight minutes, by the way.

  44. I made it through in a minimized window while multitasking. I want larger capacity magazines for other brands and not just Glock…

  45. Posted by Adam: ” think shes talkin about teflon coated bullets that could go through windsheilds and stuff. Its good that they banned those so now there is no way to get super strong deeply penetrating bullets anymore *cough* depleated uranium *cough*
    im 16 and i know this, how does this ignorant cunt not?”

    My response: Teflon coated bullets were manufactured to reduce wear on the bore caused by firing the Tungsten core bullets which were designed for police use to penetrate windshields. The Teflon coating had nothing to do with its penetration.

    Google KTW bullets for more information.

    Now, Depleted Uranium projectiles are ONLY available to militaries and the smallest caliber of DU projectiles is 20mm.

  46. I wonder why the “gun lobby” controls the issue. The entire vid it is harping about democracy, does it
    realize the fact that gun owners are the majority and that democracy is working?
    Does it realize that it is in the minority on the issue?

    BTW – that is one ugly bitch

  47. First off even if it was physically possible to make a gun entirely out of plastic and able to evade metal detectors how in the hell would someone sneak ammo through ? and now adays with all the scanners and pat downs you couldn’t get a gun shaped piece of cardboard through the airport. And saying a sooner reload would have given the lady a sooner chance to take the mag is stupid. how many times do you hear that a magazine got taken out of the shooters hand before they could shoot again, plus the size of the mag itself probably contributed to her being able to grab it in the first place. and even if in another situation someone could take even a 10 round mag out of someones hand before they could reload what happens if they just jump away really fast grab another mag out of their pocket and now nothing has been accomplished except pissing the shooter off. people who think these bans will solve anything are crazy. i say if we allow easier to achieve CCW permits and arm more civilians and just educate people THE RIGHT WAY about firearms then in situations such as the Arizona shooting or columbine instead of waiting 6 minutes for the police to show up an educated civilian could solve the problem and shoot now explain later. the shooter would pull his/her gun out and possibly get one or two shots off then catch one from one of the people carrying in the situation and end if right then and there before he even had a chance to empty a 10 round mag let alone a 33 round one. tell me what you think.

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  51. who’s going to say NO to the mccarthy lautenburg bill ?

    Well, most of the representatives!

    We don’t need more gun laws. We need enforcement of those currently on the books.

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  53. I got a bloody nose watching this