Motherboards And Guns

It’s the Gigabyte G1.Assassin from the Gigabyte G1-Killer series of Motherboards.  Came across it today when looking to build my new computer.

You obviously pay more for the gimmick… but the integration of the quadrail and loaded magazine would definitely be cool in a custom build where the motherboard is visible.


4 responses to “Motherboards And Guns”

  1. Interesting. I was expecting something like this:

  2. PFULMTL Avatar

    saw this, but now I see on the mosfets it looks like a barrel of a handgun? They could have done this better by painting the capacitors some OD green or something. That neon stants out too much.

  3. I’ll wait until the Magpul version comes out. It is guaranteed to OPERATE in any kind of DYNAMIC CRITICAL (gaming) INCIDENT without hitting a FAILURE POINT.

    Also, I bet it’ll be able to run at TWO HUNDRED MILES PER HOUR… er, I mean frames per second.

  4. Antibubba Avatar

    It’s only a small step until a Picatinny-mounted USB port comes out.