Finding A Book To Protect You From A Shooting

The most protective book from 2010 goes to “Witz” By Joshua Cohen. At $12.98 its a heck of a lot cheaper than buying ballistic plates. :P


One response to “Finding A Book To Protect You From A Shooting”

  1. When we were in Iraq in ’04, we were issued bullet proof vests with no plates (Murphy’s Law). Anyway, we got a load of assorted items that were completely unnecessary to the current mission including a load of laptops for folks that were going to show up in a few months. The load got kacked up as it was driven from Kuwait to our location which was about 40K north of Baghdad. Oddly, a couple of those laptops actually stopped the rounds (of course, after being slowed by the other crap in the container). The running joke for a while was to use those laptops as plates until the real plates showed up.