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Glock’s first handgun model was the Glock 17, a 40 x 53 mm high-explosive select-fire pistol with a magazine capacity of 24 rounds (which was unusually large at the time.) The handgun came with a scope capable of picking out moving targets against a static background with day or night thermal vision. Each high-explosive round (traditionally called, “grenades”) is capable of being detonated upon reaching a preset range, giving it the ability to spray shrapnel on targets regardless of cover. A Glock 17 is capable of demolishing a Humvee with a single three-round burst.

The whole entry is pretty funny… read it – HERE


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  1. Wow, they actually used a picture of a Glock for the article! Good job to the guys over at Uncyclopedia. (hurr hurr Glocks are boxy-looking jokes, etc etc etc.)

  2. Uncyclopedia is shit. Anybody who thinks it’s funny is a fucking dipshit.

    1. Yeah; anti-website of the century!

  3. Interestingly, I searched for Tim on Uncyclopedia and the article said, “He’s a fucking dipshit.”


  4. They haven’t done barrel shroud yet.

  5. georgex Avatar

    Wow Tim, get a grip. No sense of humor, huh?

  6. The Glock 1911, also known as the “Springfield XD”


  7. skipsul Avatar

    Hey, wait! The first model Glock was the Glock 7, an all-ceramic gun that was invisible to airport metal detectors. It was the favorite weapon of mercenaries and gained a deserved sinister reputation for being the standard sidearm of the ex-military terrorists who took over Dulles airport exactly 1 year after the infamous Nakatomi Tower takeover.

    1. I don’t get it. Are you quoting this from the uncyclopedia article? I don’t recall reading that. Cause that’s not true.

      1. Sorry, obscure reference to Die Hard 2 (circa 1990). In it, Bruce Willis refers to a “Glock Model 7” – basic plot line is that bad guys smuggle these sooper sekret guns past airport security (that never happens does it?), and take over Dulles Airport during a blizzard. Nakatomi is a reference to Die Hard 1 (it’s the building the bad guys take over). Glocks were new and scary in the US then, and the media frequently referred to them as these “all plastic” guns. DH1 is a good movie, DH2 is (IMHO) very very dumb, but I rewatched it shortly before coming across this page, and made the joke.

        In DH2, the Glock 7 is described as I had it above, which of course follows the movie logic that an gun which is invisible to metal detectors must also carry bullets that are invisible to metal detectors. If you google “Glock 7” you can find lots of threads with other gunnies making some very silly jokes about this, including references to totally invisible “Glock 1″‘s.

  8. Gun point WIN! XD