Driveway Warfare – Kids And Guns

It’s so bad it’s good!

Too bad they don’t have compulsory class on trigger discipline. heh :P


4 responses to “Driveway Warfare – Kids And Guns”

  1. There’s 2 minutes and 19 seconds of my life gone forever. Shame on you for exposing us to this Mike.

    1. Josh (different Josh.) Avatar
      Josh (different Josh.)


    2. I think the biggest sin here is these brats ripped off the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack. For once, I am hoping DMCA actually does get invoked.

      1. I think the DMCA pretty much just addresses circumventing technological copyright protection mechanisms (like DVD encryption), and the limitation on liability for service providers who act as intermediaries by temporarily hosting copyrighted works while they’re being transferred. I don’t thinkt it’s applicable here. If anything, this would just be a plain old copyright violation by the makers of the video. I think the only DMCA issue would be against Youtube for hosting it, and that’s already been decided by Viacom v. Youtube, where the court granted summary judgement to Youtube (i.e., there was no legal basis to even take it to trial) on the grounds that the DMCA protected Youtube against liability.