AK Fires The Mosin Nagant And Uses It As A Stock

Also known as the Moe Szyslak special. Pretty funny that the Mosin would need to have the bolt manually cycled after every shot, but the AK is semi auto.  What kind of AK is that anyway?  An AKS-74U?

The scope is a nice touch too.  With absolutely zero cheek weld that thing has got to be very uncomfortable to fire.


15 responses to “AK Fires The Mosin Nagant And Uses It As A Stock”

  1. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Yes that’s a 74U. The stock is not very well thought out, no. Dumb.

  2. Andrew Sarchus Avatar
    Andrew Sarchus

    Hello chin-weld.

  3. Mad Saint Jack Avatar
    Mad Saint Jack

    Yo Dawg, I heard you didn’t like your shoulder…

    (needs work)

    Looks like that thing has a steel butt plate.

  4. That’s my concealed carry.

  5. Wow that’s dumb. Where there’s a will there’s a way I guess! What’s next, someone mounting an air pellet gun on the rail of a .50 BMG?

  6. Photoshopped, right?

  7. Looks to me like a sound tactical proposition. The Mosin with scope would obviously be able to provide effective standoff distance at range in the sniper role. If the shooter is engaged at closer ranges or becomes involved in close combat, the raped firepower of the underslung AK-74 would be very effective. How reliable this weapon actually is or how comfortable it would be to fire remains unknown.

    1. Dumbass…. Lemme see a Marine Ever carry a piece of shit like that… Shit won’t happen.. And believe me, the Corps is Americas biggest gun club..

  8. I don’t see why everyone is talking about a stock, the thing is CLEARLY designed to be fired like a dueling pistol.

  9. Matt in Oregon Avatar
    Matt in Oregon

    That is just wrong!!!!! (LOL)

  10. Dragon76 Avatar

    Next they should mount an MP5 To a break-Barrel 12 gauge

  11. This thing needs a 40mm grenade launcher!

  12. Cpl. Jackson Cheng Avatar
    Cpl. Jackson Cheng

    HAHAHAHA Hell nawh…now way!!! The recoil on that thing…I would like to see!

  13. So much for “very high” rings..he just welded a inch block of metal on that bad boy! Moe would be proud!

  14. ak 74 with dum-dum bullet it is the best krosroad town fighter