Hunting Around Christmas Time Is Risky

I don’t hunt, but i’m pretty sure taking head shots isn’t standard practice.

Also, that “hunter” needs to learn how to pull a trigger properly.


3 responses to “Hunting Around Christmas Time Is Risky”

  1. Paranoid in Montana Avatar
    Paranoid in Montana

    Actually, I prefer the head shot if I can take it. It’s a faster kill than a heart lung shot, it ruins less meat, and I only hunt for the freezer. Horn soup doesn’t interest me. That said, a head shot is pretty hard unsupported over 100 yards.

  2. Paranoid in Montana Avatar
    Paranoid in Montana

    Oh, one more thing. I serious doubt he has enough tags for all those deer. That looks like a felony to me, even if they weren’t domesticated.

  3. tailypoe Avatar

    well, … goof . .
    i wanna make a viral video without any punchlines or ads,
    haha yes, trigger pull is nonexistent, looks like a real rifle, tho. unloaded, but ppl were still probably makin’ sure, on set .. ..