X-Ray Guns – Revealing Inner Beauty Through CT Scanning

What do you get when a radiologist / NFA gun collector has some free time?

Pictured above is the CT scanned x-ray image of a HK23E (MM23E clone).

I’ve always found x-ray images fascinating.  The rawness of greyscale really gives a glimpse into the manufacturing, engineering, and design.

I exchanged a few emails with the Houston, the owner of XRayGuns and got a real insight into the process.  Little did I know that taking x-rays of such objects involves a lot more than just hitting a button and having it come out looking perfect. In addition to scanning his personal collection, Houston was telling me about a pending project he has for 2011.  It involves scanning a damaged Japanese WWII rifle so the owner of it can see the internals before embarking on a restoration project.  Very neat!

All the scanned images are available on t-shirts that come with the x-ray picture on the front, and native language technical data on the back:

  • More pictures, info and t-shirts over at XRayGuns – HERE


3 responses to “X-Ray Guns – Revealing Inner Beauty Through CT Scanning”

  1. That is cool.

    Next up, fluoroscopy of the gun in action. That would be awesome.

    1. I just looked fluoroscopy up on youtube.. you’re right, that would be incredible.

  2. Those pictures are amazing. It would be interesting to not only feed the gun through that scanner, but also someone pretending to fire it. I guess that may result in some unnecessary heath consequences though.