AR-15 Bumpfire Stock

Utilizing the SSAR-15’s revolutionary “Slide Stock” technology and ergonomic design – individuals are now able to Bump Fire while securely holding the firearm.

Looks a lot easier to control and aim than conventional bumpfire methods.

Could they have made it any more basic looking? I can’t help but think that this is some sort of ATF honeypot, considering they seem to have approved it without any fuss.

If you want one, they are $320 at Slide Fire solutions – HERE

God forbid we would be in possession of shoestrings instead.


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  1. Antibubba Avatar

    Do they make one without the pistol grip? I want to make Barbara Boxer cry!!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Maybe you could just get it and chop the pistol grip?

  2. $320 for a hack just to blaze through ammo. If you live in a free state, you’re better to saving like a madman to afford a transferrable machine gun of your choice. It’ll be worth more in the end as a better investment anyways.

    1. Oh, yes. And have yourself visited and inspected at least yearly by ATF? No thanks. (And I don’t even want to own a bump stock — much less a red-tape entangled Class III weapon).

  3. I’m with Chris. $320 is an awful lot of money to spend on something that is just going to cause you to spend a whole lot more money on ammo. It is pretty ugly too.

  4. anyone remember the Akin’s Accelerator stock? google it lol

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea, the Akin’s Accelerator was (is) so epic!

  5. Hi guys, just joined. Glad to be here.

    This stock looks the same to me as the Akins accelerator only without a spring. I see several problems.

    No offense intended to Slide Fire Solutions, but we all know that this stock is for simulating full auto and isn’t for helping handicapped people as they claim on their website. That’s a bunch of hooey. It’s for bumpfiring period. The whole “this stock is for the handicapped” thing puts me off. I’m a disabled vet and I don’t like people trying to use handicapped people to further their own thing. That’s as bad as anti gunners saying “its for the children”. Both are false and kind of low in my mind. Maybe they just told the atf that to get approval and then will later delete it from their website.

    The other problem is that the ATF boys are going to shut this down just like they did Akins as soon as they realize the mistake they made approving it. The shooter doesn’t make a “conscious decision between each shot” to hold the stock forward like their website says. They only make that decision once and after that the gun’s recoil pushes their left hand back but since they are holding pressure forward, the gun goes back forward. But that happens so fast it is impossible for that to be a conscious decision between each and every shot fired.

    As much as I hate to admit it, once they pull that trigger, it sets into motion an automatic sequence of events. Their left hand just takes the place of a spring. I know the human isn’t a machine gun, but then neither is a spring or a shoe string unless they are used to make a gun go full auto. If the human is used to make the gun go full auto in a purpose built bumpfire stock to do that, the atf may say that is full auto if it is in a stock specially designed for bumpfiring like that.

    Regular learned bumpfiring technique with just a normal stock isn’t automatic or else every semi auto is an automatic, so the atf will never rule that way. But these work around purpose built stocks that are designed specially for bumpfiring really are automatic when you think about that you only make one conscious decision to pull the trigger and after that your left hand pulling forward causes it to do it automatically because there is no way with the rapid cyclic rate of fire that you can have the time to make a conscious decision to pull forward between each and every shot fired like their website claims. You just keep a constant pull forward and then the recoil does the rest. That isn’t a conscious decision to pull forward between each and every separate shot fired even though they claim it is.

    I hope not, but I think the atf will realize this and shut them down. Who ever buys one is going to lose out. All it is going to take is one egg head at atf’s legal dept to realize this isn’t really a conscious decision between each and every shot and they will say oops we made a mistake approving it because it is a purpose built machine gun conversion device that no conscious decision is made between firing each separate shot. No way I would buy one and have ATF agents come to my house to get my stock later. Akins accelerator all over again. If anyone needs to waste a lot of ammo, either bumpfire the regular way or save up and get a real machine gun.

    1. HappyJackass Avatar

      then dont buy it.

    2. NoBumpHere Avatar

      Why are you in such a great hurry to make atf’s case for them. Let the dummies figure it out for themselves. And as far as the “conscious decision”, BS. I’ve got one of these SFS stocks, or rather HAD one, because I am not coordinated enough or whatever to make it work like it’s supposed to. I’ve seen guys with them who did look like they had a full auto piece. But, it does not fire full auto all the time and the “conscious decision” argument is out the door then. And as far as “wasting” ammo…If a shooter wants to go out and play and waste 10000 rounds a day, that’s his/her right and privilege.
      I think some of these detractors are jealous because they can’t afford one and so to appear to kiss the aft ass, they post these ridiculous, moronic emails.
      Go buy a SlideFire Stock and a ton of ammo and go have a shooting good time.

    3. Trooper072 Avatar

      I am a Combat Veteran myself and it infuriates me when our freedoms r taken away. I have yet to purchase one of these stocks, but it sounds like the government is comming in again so hopefully i will b able to purchase 1. I was airborne infantry and believe me oce u fired a full auto anything, u just wont understand.

      p.s if anyone is sellin one contact me at [email protected] and in the subject line put bump stock

  6. Live Free Avatar
    Live Free

    The fact is simple: This is a very, very cheap method of LEGALLY fireing full auto. Do you know how much it costs to get full auto license, gun, and everything else?? Yea no comparison. I say, awesome idea, and people should stop being so god damn ungrateful for awesome ideas. Pussy’s….

  7. Gun Laws Stink Avatar
    Gun Laws Stink

    I apologize in advance, but gun laws are a touchy subject for me. I think it’s ridiculous to say this is “full auto”. Can you whip this thing out one handed and spit off 30 rounds like it’s nothing? No. Can you pull the trigger and have continuous fire without some sort of muscle input? No. Have you ever seen the video of the guy who can fire every round of his revolver ON TARGET in a matter of a split second? Is that a fully automatic revolver? No, as far as I know no such thing exist. I’m sure the ATF will eventually try to shut them down just because they are the ATF and pretty much do what they want and answer to no one. If…or should I say when it happens, I think the manufacturer should take the matter to court and have them decide. But even then a judge and jury will probably be a bunch of anti-gun advocates.

    Criminals are criminals…they don’t care if their guns are illegally automatic or not…they will commit crimes no matter what. You could take away every gun in the country and they’d just switch to knives…that would help them even more since there wouldn’t be any ballistics. Bad people don’t care if you pass a law making something illegal or not…they chose to break laws…remember. If you evil enough to kill someone do you think you care about the law? In a happy world full of rainbows & sunshine gun “control” may work, but this is 2011 the world is getting worse instead of better. All they do is limit good citizens rights and give the criminals more power over the rest of us.

    By the way, any law abiding citizen can own an automatic weapon…as long as they pay the $200 tax and have the $10,000+ or so it takes to purchase a registered pre-86 auto now. So basically what the government has done is allow rich law abiding people can own them, but not any other law abiding citizen. I think it’s amazing at how most of the high profile mass shootings tend to play out…there are usually warning signs, but no one did anything about it…and then they shot a bunch of people. However, instead of saying we need to do a better job about limiting mentally defective, radical, and bad people from having weapons, it’s let’s pass another law to limit us all from getting guns. With every major gun crime our 2nd amendment right gets redefined to what and how we can legally buy. Ban assault rifles, limit magazine sizes, etc. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say “no one needs a semi automatic assalt rifile” for hunting. Did anything in our 2nd amendment right say the right to bear arms for HUNTING? Did they say hey fellas good thing we had our hunting rifles to fight the British off with.

    I think it’s sad that an otherwise law abiding citizen could convert their AR or other gun to fully automatic and get a felony with a sentence of 10 years, but a person can commit attempted murder or armed robbery and get less time. Heck you could probably have an easier time shooting someone point blank in the head, getting a good lawyer (uuhummmm OJ), and get found not guilty for murdering someone than you would for having an illegally modified automatic gun. The way I see it is that America has found it all too easy to demonized guns instead of demonizing the people who commit the actual gun crimes. Murder goes all the way back to Cain & Able…and there sure weren’t any guns back then, but again how many Americans believe in the Bible or God anymore? But guns are the problem right?

    1. Wild Hog Hunter Avatar
      Wild Hog Hunter

      I agree. I’ve been saying exactly that for a long time now. Glad somebody agrees.

    2. Billy Hicks Avatar
      Billy Hicks


  8. Gun Laws Stink Avatar
    Gun Laws Stink

    Sorry about the few grammar mistakes…I should have read back over what I typed a little better before I posted.

  9. Is it worth possibly getting charged or convicted of a felony? I suggest people do a lot of research from authoritative sources before accepting the risk. Just possession of some parts is enough even if they are not used. When does a civilian expect to fire like this? Having fun is not enough reason. Just fill out the ATF form and do it legally. For the extra $200, you can waste ammo without the legal complications.

    Besides, if you want to be a soldier or a police officer, there is a more reasonable way; see a recruiter for the details.

    1. “Having fun is not enough reason.”

      -Why not?

      Thanks for sharing your opinion…

    2. “For the extra $200, you can waste ammo without the legal complications”…see it’s not just a $200 tax to have an automatic. It’s $200 tax plus a PRE-1986 BATF REGISTERED Automatic which cost about $10,000 for an M16 and about $4500 for a cheap auto pistol. What the government has done is make a FINITE amount of legal automatics. You could have a pre-86 automatic gun straight from the Vietnam or WWII and it would not be legal to own it ($200 tax or not) if it was not registered with the BATF when the law was passed. It was a one time window of opportunity to have a automatic gun registered after that no more guns could ever be added to the registry, new or old.

      The “no one needs an automatic” isn’t a good enough reason for me. If you really think about it no one really NEEDS a lot of things that we American’s have become accustomed to owning. No one needs an SUV…we should all drive small Euro cars. No one needs a TV…there’s weather radios for news if you NEED it. Sounds silly doesn’t it. We all have plenty of WANTS. If the duty of the governments is allowing us to have what we need then we should just become communist with them supplying us with basic necessities, food, water, shelter, and a government assigned job.

      1. hydepark Avatar

        An extra 200 bucks? You obviously haven’t visited Gunbroker lately.

      2. Bojangles Avatar

        10-4 Derek. It’s not only the $200 or whatever it may be by now but it’s just another record “Big Brother” has on you. I wish all my guns were un registered. The current attempt by the UN Gun Ban Treaty with “Obomination” & Co. pushing it will result eventually in a Nationwide gun grab by the UN troops like our own troops did in New Orleans after Katrina. Look it up. They kicked doors down in non flooded well to do neighborhoods to search for any kind of firearms. Mark this 70 yr old’s words – If “O” is re elected or his successor is also insane we will have a civil disaster/war and soon. You will either give up your firearms and the rest of your freedoms or take out as many who come b4 they kill you – those are your choices – which will you choose? It’s pretty close to sundown for me and am just sick to think what has happened to this once great Country so I haven’t decided for myself. If I convert one of my M4s it would be for this purpose. I have no problem with having fun but fellow gun lovers, we are living in treacherous times. Where is our allegiance?

    3. Rotorwash Avatar

      “Having fun” with a firearm is a completely legitimate (even if it is the only reason) to own a particular firearm or firearm component.
      You may see a particular firearm modification that you think is rediculous, and you may be correct in your opinion.
      But as long as the guy with the “silly” firearm is not breaking the law, it really is not your business.

    4. B-dawg Avatar

      I already did my time in the military, and I’m too old to re-join.
      Besides, I want to rock&roll without some a$$hole range officer barking orders at me, telling when to shoot, what targets I can engage, and how many rounds I can fire. (The military manages to take the fun out everything, even trips to the rifle range!)
      Also, I want a gun that’s MINE, not gov’t property. Ya dig?

  10. James Harris Avatar
    James Harris

    Where do you get the $320.00 from. I clicked on your “click here” and it’s $369.00. Way too much for a piece of plastic that I may have to eat if it does not work.

  11. Admin (Mike) Avatar
    Admin (Mike)

    Ha that’s funny.. I guess they upped the price.

  12. thegunmerchant Avatar

    send me more info on AR15 bump fire stock . How much, and how can we contact you?

    1672 crownsville rd
    Crownmsville, Md 21032

  13. Chad edwards Avatar
    Chad edwards

    I was at the range today and there was a guy by himself a couple stations down from me with what I thought was a stock smith&wesson ar. But when the range went hot again and he ran threw his magazine as quickly as he did he had the whole range staring. Everyone thought he had a full auto weapon until later in the day I went and talked to him and he had the ssar stock. After talking to him he offered me a chance to give it a try and run some rounds threw his weapon. The stock from my short experience was controllable to extent(until you got comfortable with it and started to realize what was possible). I was smiling ear to ear the whole time. I just ordered my stock today and it was the best upgrade so far. Don’t knock on it until you try it.

  14. K'NO'W MORE! Avatar
    K’NO’W MORE!

    Those shit talking are ATF and all the alphabet departments of ‘god’ ‘govermental orginization department’ moles, go work for massad “O” you are already working for them! silly me!

  15. On slide fire solutions this stock is 369 not 320 idk where they got this price but I have not found it anywhere for 320

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL hilarious… they upped the price since I wrote the article then.

  16. James Maier Avatar
    James Maier

    In reference to the disabled. I ahve not been to his sebsite but the guy who designed it is disabled and did serve in the military and was stationed here at my base. I have never met him but serveal of my coworkers new him when he was still on active duty. After he seperated he looked for a way he could still make money with his disablility. He designed this and started selliing them locally here in AR. I am not sure of what his claims are on the site but I commend him for his efforts.

  17. Newbie to the site, but this thread really caught my attention – and – I want to tell you why.

    Couple of ATF agents came to my brother’s home and asked to see his collection of firearms – MISTAKE #1. Within 6 weeks they had a case against him that cost you and I $2,000,000.

    They spent 5 days laying out “evidence” against my little brother (who is in the Air Force by 12 years).
    Their closing statement saying “We do mind if you have guns, we just do not want you to have too many.” Damned scary thing. He had about 20 C&R items and 5 “newer” firearms.

    His wife took the stand and spent 20 minutes proving he had not made a cent on the firearms he had.

    Case closed, except for the 2,000,0000 they spent and the 35,000 he had to spend on an attorney.

    If I had the money I would get the stock and love using it. The ATF makes their own rules, including their part in killing border control agent. Their is no way to protect yourself except for staying low key (which obviously I am not doing). Take advantage of any accessory you can while it is available. They will not be there for long. And, we will continue to pay for the ATF’s bullshit until someone is actually held accountable. I do not see that anytime in the near future. Maybe if the govt shifts.

    All atf folk are not bad, just most.

  18. NoBumpHere Avatar

    Just one more little post. Somewhere up above someone mentions an M-16 for $10,000. Where?? I’ll pay it. If its’ legal and can be transferred. I’ve not found a “real” one that WAS LEGAL for less than $17,500 and have seen people pay as much as $27,000 for an A1. I’d love to have one and would borrow the ten grand for a good, legal one. Just to play with, of course.
    I cannot find it in my heart and soul to say or think anything good about atf. When they played fast and furious and got a good man killed (one that we KNOW of) and then that racist bastard holder gets up and shows his stupidity, or maybe his smartness, and keeps on lying with the prez supporting him, how can you respect an agency like that.
    Also, I went the Form 4 route last year for a Class III item and it took seven (7) months for my stamp to come back. My dealer said it was because I called every two months to check on the progress and atf policy is that if you call more than once your paperwork goes to the bottom of the stack again. I totally believe it. Those gun nazis have got the American citizens by the balls. You have to pay a fortune for the “right” to just get the stamp to own one and their policy has the greedy bastards who deal in Class III running the price up so high that most average citizens can only dream of owning one. BTW, my Class III piece was a suppressor, not a firearm. And I got it because it’s FUN….If that makes anyone mad, FY and get over it. The atf’s NFA rules state that if you get caught with just one piece of an M-16 lower unit that helps to convert the AR-15 it’s the same as owning a machine gun and you get prosecuted the same way. Just one of about six pieces will get you broke and in the slammer.
    Brownell’s sells all the parts you need..Just be damn careful if you order and don’t use your name and be sure and have it sent to General Delivery for pickup. You better believe atf and Brownells work real close on these. Frank and Pete Brownell are not idiots and they’er not selling full auto parts to just any joe out there.
    Ya’ll have a great New Years’.

  19. MilOperator Avatar

    Well well… finally a place where people see the truth of what is going on in our country. The ATF has not ability to MAKE LAWS… they are a law enforcement agency…. yet, they seem to still “make laws” which is totally against our rights! PERIOD! We all have the right to “keep and bear arms” (keep = own and bear = carry upon ones person) YET we as a people allow the so called government to continue to take our rights away from us. WTF people??????? Wen will the people of this country wake up and smell the BS?? The second amendment give us everything we need to both own and carry our weapons… will it take a mass movement like we see going on in the middle east to fix this? At least THEY are doing SOMETHING to fight for rights they DON’T EVEN HAVE and we Americans just sit back and let others take our RIGHTS away??? WTF?? Makes no sense what-so-ever does it?

  20. Ken Shepard Avatar
    Ken Shepard

    I agree with all the fairly educated individuals here in saying stop complaining about this awesome device just because you cant afford one or are to afraid to own one. Anyone that has ever fires a true full Auto rifle then has fired a high end AR with this stock will all agree that while it is super fun it should not be compared to fully automatic and never will be by the ATF. Yes it takes two hands to fire this attachment and Yes you can fire a fully automatic rifle with a single finger. Great attachment for the serious shooter I love them and think everyone should own at least one in 556.

  21. Bojangles Avatar

    All I want to know is when the ship hits the sand, where do I sign up for the resistance? One World Government, the UN, political correctness, liberal media, etc. makes me want to barf! This is no longer the US that we all have had the privilege to enjoy and love. The recent wars over weapons of mass destruction were really over oil (which we have plenty of if the Gov. would allow drilling) and protecting the Petro Dollar that Nixon negotiated with OPEC 30+ years ago. I will miss my guess if we don’t bomb the shit out of Iran b4 the election to divert the sheeple’s attention away from our economic crises. When the Petro Dollar is no more (soon) there will be nothing else propping it up. Get your bucks out of IRAs, bank accounts or any other entity that the government can monitor or tax. Buy guns! Or, plastic coffee cans won’t rust in your back yard! As of 1/1/13 there will be a 1% tax on any bank deposit or withdrawal – this equals 2%. So for a family making $100 grand annually and spends it you will be paying $2000 TAX in addition to State, local & IRS TAXES. This is just one of the cancerous provisions hidden in “Obamacare” that has nothing to do with health care. Wrong you say? Check me out! Lock & Load!

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  23. will this work on the ruger sr 5.56

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  25. If u buy one before and outlaws them u r grandfathered in and can keep ur stock. They can’t take it away if it was legal when u bought it. If they try u can take them to court. All u need is ur papers showing u bought it before they outlawed them.