Differing Gun Laws And Regular People – The Brian Aitken Story

In New Jersey, a person must have a purchaser’s permit and a carry permit to have a handgun in his or her car.  As a result of not having either, Colorado resident Brian Aitken is now doing 7 years in a state prison.

Brian was trying to get his life back on track two years ago when he moved back to New Jersey from Colorado to be closer to his young son and estranged wife. But on Jan. 2, 2009, his mood darkened when his planned visit with his son was canceled at the last minute. His mother, concerned for his safety, called the police, and when the police located him, they searched his car and found two locked and unloaded handguns in the trunk.

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Is Brian Aitken a criminal? I suppose by definition he is because he broke the law.

I’ve mentioned on here before what I think about laws like that.  There are too many of them, they are convoluted, and they do nothing but punish and restrict people are are not criminals.

The worst is how he got caught… I bet his mom feels terrible. Moms are gonna worry though, you need to mitigate the damage and call the lady with a status update from time to time.

It really seems like there is a year to year competition in this country to see how many people we can lock up for random bullshit.  It’s getting tiring.

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8 responses to “Differing Gun Laws And Regular People – The Brian Aitken Story”

  1. My God !!
    Mr. Aitken the gun wasn’t even on him (not that it matter if it was on him, in the first place)
    and they’re both unloaded..
    and.. 7 years ??
    c’mon.. I’ve heard people who used their firearms for criminal offense get less than that..

    I really hope Mr. Aitken will be released soon.. he hasn’t done anything of criminal nature..

  2. Chris B. Olds Avatar
    Chris B. Olds

    I’d like to know this…

    Who’s the Stupid Idiot Letter Of The Law District Attorney that Prosecuted this guy in the first place?

    There’s the Criminal.

    Thank you,
    Chris B. Olds

  3. Jason E. S. Avatar
    Jason E. S.

    New Jerseystan has some of the most restrictive firearms laws in the country. That hell hole of a state makes Kalifornia look like Arizona in regards to penalties and BS regulations. They ignore Federal transport laws, and I have heard there is a mandatory sentence for possessing hollow point bullets because some libtard called them “cop killers” Something like a 10 year term for 1 round! That state is very ripe for a lawsuit based on 2nd amendment incorporation. perhaps Brian can be the plaintiff. Counter sue, Brian! Call Alan Gura now!

  4. Jason E. S. Avatar
    Jason E. S.

    To clarify: In NJ Hollow points are illegal anyplace except for inside the home. And in legal transport of course. but Brian was arrested legally transporting, no? They are sold freely at any gunshop though. No restrictions on purchasing, just possessing.

  5. I agree, the DA must be a total asshole. Same probably goes for his defense attorney though.

    This is one of those situations where I know it is wrong in my heart, but in my head I can’t quite invalidate it. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Like it or not, differing gun laws between states is how it is. He was expected to know better.

    I hope he can raise a suit on 2nd Amendment incorporation, but I think that the court allowed reasonable restrictions or some such…so his attorneys would have a long hill to climb arguing that requiring you to get permits is unconstitutionally restrictive. Didn’t DC respond to Heller by instituting a fairly difficult permit process?

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