Call of Duty Black Ops Kill Count Surpasses World Population

This past Saturday an in-game counter noted that the cumulative number of kills in the game has surpassed the planet’s real-world population, which stands at about 6.9 billion, according to a U.S. Census Bureau estimate.

Those deaths were largely as a result of gun shots. An amazing 138 billion shots have been fired in the game, and a disturbing — or successful, depending on your point of view — 561 million have been instant-killing headshots. About 51 million headshots have been delivered execution-style, while a player was alive but lying wounded.

Full story – HERE

Awesome.. now that’s a quick milestone to achieve.

The end of the article mentions that gamers have cumulatively spent more than 8,000 years playing “Call of Duty: Black Ops” online… I don’t know whether to be impressed, or to weep.

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7 responses to “Call of Duty Black Ops Kill Count Surpasses World Population”

  1. It is a good thing there are people who do not enjoy video games, otherwise this world would grind to a bleeding halt.

  2. 8000 years worth of experience in Black Ops. It blows my mind!

  3. Rough guesstimate, but doesn’t 8,000 years outdate pretty much all of recorded history? Think about it, if all of those people had came together to work on something. How many Pyramids or Great Walls could we have built?

    I love vidya gaems even more than the next guy, but I guess the more I think about it, the more I would rather have all these damn rowdy teenagers playing their Xbox 500’s and their Playmachines and their Nintendo’s instead of ruining up my neighborhood with their riff-raff and their loud music.

    Seriously though, I didn’t think BlOps looked like that great of a game… What ever happened to Perfect Dark or Unreal Tournament or Timesplitters?

  4. boring statistics. I hate COD. You cant even watch a youtube video about a firearm without someone talking about COD. Suddenly people are experts on guns, but have never fired a real one.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Suddenly people are experts on guns, but have never fired a real one.

      haha no kidding! I bet 99% of the youtube keywords related to firearms are for videos talking about games.

  5. Wow! The Haterade must’ve been flowing wherever you all just came from!

    Keep in mind the 8,000 years is distributed among millions; if MW2 is any indication, about 10,000,000 people. It works out to an average of 7 hours per person. I have personally spent more than that watching the Star Wars prequels, and I will never get that time back, either!

    That said, PFULMTL is right. COD has a lot on their hands when it comes to spawning ill-informed mall ninjas. I tried to make a firearms terminology edit over at the COD wiki, and the mall ninjas there were hearing none of it. Because other mall ninjas use the word that way, their argument went, it was right. Thanks to this game, in 4 or 5 generations our best operators are going to be saying calling every type of ammo storage a “clip,” and everything you can do with the action “cocking.”


    I work at a gunstore and every week I get some lil bastard that comes in asking for a Deagle(D period FUCKING EAGLE DESERT EAGLE!!!!) almost never are they old enough to own a rifle much less a pistol. i’m fine with people that just wanna come in and look but when they have the audacity to try and tell me they want a DEAGLE then tell me a Desert Eagle is the wrong gun I polity ask them to get the FUCK out. they aren’t even good guns(especially the .50) the .44mag is the only one that dosnt have a major jamming problem. it’s a target/ hunting pistol.

    by the way H&K makes some nice stuff but not that fact i will go as far to say H&k SUCKS i know heresy right well it’s the truth. as probably one of maybe 3 ppl on here who has ever fired one of their products im most likely the only one to have ever fired a g36 or an mp5 thats right i will tell you first hand it’s all hype. the mp5 is just a shrunken CETME and the G36 a plastic AR18 in fact aside from the USP i cant think of any thing (good) H&K has developed on their own(without ripping something off) let’s see

    the MP7? FAIL it has the terminal effects of a 17HMR

    Mark23 FAIL the special operations community has all but abandoned it in favor of something that dosnt weigh 3 pounds empty and costs less than 1500per unit

    G11 the gun i hate the most… what can i say about this clusterfuck of a “gun” its backward! hey let’s go back to muzzle loading! you know that thing that protects the propellant from cooking off, keeps it dry and seals the chamber…. lets get rid of it!
    it amazes me how much thought went into this gun without any thought to whether or not it would actually be a viable system.
    everyone claims the G11 was dropped as a result of the reunification of Germany but no one seems to point out that this was the point in time at which NATO standards where most likely to fall apart(as NATO was started to fight the soviets). Germany was using two different standards 5.56&7.62NATO in the west and 5.45and7.62Soviet in the east.
    a whole new VIABLE ammunition would be not only a good compromise but likely start a trend of nations switching to ceaseless ammo. this would create revenue for Germany and would have made them the center of modern firearms technology.