Loaded Gun Magazine Found On Plane

Clip, magazine? ugh… Get it straight.

Left on the plane by a Federal law enforcement officer hey?  Right… I suppose that could have happened, but what also could have happened is that the air tight security they think they have actually has some flaws, which they would never admit.

Full Story – HERE


5 responses to “Loaded Gun Magazine Found On Plane”

  1. The story from Fox News said it was from a Service Revolver…


    Maybe it was a moon clip?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Good find! …who knows. Someone is lying through their teeth.

  2. Eightbyte Avatar

    You can tell that the spokeswoman is lying if you watch her body language. Or at least she appears that way to me.

  3. If it came from a semi-auto, maybe a Federal Air Marshal dropped it.
    If it is a speedloader for a revolver, I don’t know, Air Marshals carry Sigs.

  4. An interesting story. Especially after the one with soldiers and nail clippers.