Caption This – Saudi Special Forces Fieldcraft

Caption this pic:

Source (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

Here’s mine: “Vegetation gonna Vegetate”


13 responses to “Caption This – Saudi Special Forces Fieldcraft”

  1. Looks like the Jolly Green Giant Squad.

    1. El Duderino Avatar
      El Duderino

      Ho ho ho….Green Jihad!

  2. It’s the Salad Shooter brigade!

  3. Tom Weber Avatar

    Lady Gaga’s security detail models their new uniform.

  4. “Are you sure this is what plants are supposed to look like? Now that I think about it, why are we even dressed like this when WE LIVE IN A GIAN FUCKING PILE OF SAND AHSGFDSJHGJUSYTGXSZKHVG!”

  5. Blue Man Group’s arch rival. I give you the Green Man Group.

  6. “Achmed, why are we dressed in ghillie suits when we live in a desert?”

    “Mahmud, don’t you know that these things are designed to let you sneak past infidels? I played that one level in Modern Warfare, dude!”

  7. they did a really good job.. they’re really invisible, seriously.. i really can’t see them..
    god.. they’re good..

  8. Jihad Veggie Tales

  9. Rusgunnut1 Avatar

    New tree-hugger camouflage does not work: troops are actually MORE likely to open fire.

    How will they be able to fire weapons or carry ammunition?

  10. Don’t go near the Americans, I hear they “smoke” guys like us.

  11. KissMyWookie Avatar

    The Special Forces Patio Protectors (SFPP) get their ghillie suits at Garden Ridge.

  12. It’s a picture of a wall. What the hell are you guys talkin’ ’bout, with all this nonsense about Jolly Green Giant and Saudi Special Forces?