Knife With Scope And Red Dot Sight

  • The range depends on a persons arm length.
  • The red dot sight is for close target aquisiton for stabbing
  • The scope with magnification is for acquiring distant targets you plan on throwing the knife at

Maybe it’s just me.. but I feel that the way the optics are mounted would totally mess up blade harmonics.

This setup is just crying for a free floated vertical foregrip.


22 responses to “Knife With Scope And Red Dot Sight”

  1. In today’s world of “Tacticool Marketing”, this wouldn’t surprise me if someone went with it. LOL

  2. a silencer would make it even deadly..

  3. And on second thought, defiantly needs a 1913 Picatinny Rail on the bottom to mount a light.

  4. isn’t the scope on backwards?

    1. See that large knob sticking up on the “rear” of the scope? I’ll bet that does something like change the reticle type, or change it to an illuminated reticle, or something similar. Whatever it does, it’s a good indication that the scope is facing the right direction – an adjustment knob like that would be on the eyepiece end of a scope, not the objective lens end. Additionally, let’s assume that the scope is mounted in the rings correctly, from this side you are unable to see the windage adjustment knob. You can see the elevation knob on the top of the scope, but the windage knob would be on the right side as you’re looking through it.

  5. If the scope is on backwards, it’s designed for Democrats.

    1. awesome

    2. LOL !! :D

    3. democrazy Avatar

      no, republicans. republicans go home lol

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  7. zbalentine Avatar


  8. It needs a bayonet. You know, just in case.

  9. still needs a flashlight for night ops.

  10. Фонарик нужно добавить на гарду :))))

  11. Needs a bipod. Definitely needs a free floated tang. Handle should be carbon-kevlar or a ceramic impregnated copolymer. The whole thing needs Duracoat and some jimping on the pommel.

  12. Definitely needs a BUIS. I recommend the Homeboy Nyte Sytes.

  13. Perhaps the scope is on backwards to facilitate throwing gripping the blade!

  14. Any Operator would know that those cheap Barska optics wouldn’t stand up to the recoil of that knife

    1. Ha ha!

  15. now all it needs is a tripod adjustable stock and built in smoothie shaker.

  16. […] what is.  He even comes correct with the double slash stab maneuver at the end.  Might want to scope and reddot that knife though for better […]

  17. […] know what is. He even comes correct with the double slash stab maneuver at the end. Might want to scope and reddot that knife though for better […]