Bill Whittle On Gun Rights

I started up the video and figured he was some sort of politician so I kind of tuned out.  I gave the video another chance today though and it’s actually really good, and some excellent points are made.


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  1. Timmeehh Avatar

    You don’t know Bill Whittle?

    You should subscribe to PJTV!

  2. Overload in CO Avatar
    Overload in CO

    Whittle left PJTV. This is what he’s doing now (and Declaration Entertainment).

  3. Whittle needs to blow the movie gig (movies? seriously, who gives a rip) get his ass onto a crew of really smart guys that teach conservative elected officials how to teach the American people not to be such a bunch of bedwetting pansies that they get sucked in by every totalitarian that promises them a suck at the government teat.

  4. Bill, please – Eject! eject! eject! that hairpiece’ and just be your baldy self. (its very distracting).
    Apart from that I think this guy is one of the sharpest cookies in existence. He’s right up there with guys like Thomas Sowell and we ignore him at our peril. You should read his essays on his blog. Breathtaking stuff.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Cool, I’ll have to check out those essays.

  5. oh – nearly forgot, a slight inaccuraccy at the begining of Bills talk. Even under Saddam – Iraqi citizens did have very liberal laws around private ownership of firearms and were one of the heaviest armed civillian populations in the middle east (prior to GULF War Prt 2). That they didn’t take up arms aginst this tyrant themselves says more about their collective character than anything else…

  6. + 1 on K Pete’s suggestion to read his essays online. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever read in regards to conservatism, personal responsibility, and the like. I have an excerpt from his “Tribes” essay hanging on the wall of my office at work.

  7. Tribes

    Trinity is also an excellent essay

    You Are Not Alone

    I can’t remember if it was Trinity or another essay where he referenced the battle of Gettysburg. That was a powerful essay when I read it. They’re long reads, but WELL worth it if you have some time.