MagCount – Ammunition Counting Accessory For Gun Magazines

Interesting idea.  Looks very well executed too. For the average person something like this would just be a novelty…. doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want it on all my mags anyways. :P

I could definitely see it being popular with the Law Enforcement and Military crowd if it was proven to be reliable.  If the counting system did fail, at least the magazine would still be functional.

You can check out their website – HERE

Unfortunately There is no info on when it will be available to the public, or what the cost will be.

Side Note: Thank god they didn’t call it “Clip Count”.


10 responses to “MagCount – Ammunition Counting Accessory For Gun Magazines”

  1. i remember the grip some company mad a long time ago that had a counter on it.

  2. Has potential if it works well and isn’t expensive. If it is more than about $20 a mag I can’t them selling very many.

  3. PFCCaldwell Avatar

    How are the shots counted, is it mechanical or some sort of electrical sensor doing the counting?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      That’s a good question.

  4. Megatron Avatar

    XD Mag… take that Glock fanboys!

  5. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the interest! To answer a couple of questions:

    1. We measure the number of bullets in the magazine, whether it is in the gun or not. We do NOT rely on recoil.
    2. Since this is a technology and not a particular product, we are speaking with weapons and accessories makers about licensing the technology so they can integrate it into their systems. The technology applies to semi-automatic handguns, shotguns and assault rifles.
    3. It’s an XD because that was the gun I already owned! :)
    4. While I hate to be vague on price, it will depend on what features a particular manufacturer wants to put in the device – gps? vibration alert? integration with a heads up display.
    5. What is in the video is just a working prototype, and is not meant to represent a final finished product.


    John Kindt

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Awesome, keep me posted John.

  6. Ken Rihanek Avatar
    Ken Rihanek

    What I’d like is something different. A total round counter on the gun itself. Then it could be used for maintenance intervals.

  7. How about a cartridge with a powder formulation that changes the color of the muzzle flash? The person running the weapon can decide to position the round wherever they want in the magazine, so that it can serve as a “you’re out” alert or “this is the next to last” warning.
    I don’t think it will particularly help an opponent, because the positioning would be up to the operator and in fact opportunities for deception could arise, similar to supposed use of empty Garand enbloc clips to fool Japanese soldiers into thinking that GI rifles were out of ammo.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I think that would be too dependent on lighting conditions etc.. Plus that is such a split second occurrence, i’m not sure a color would really register in your brain when the adrenaline is pumping. I like the idea of fooling the enemy though.. that’s neat.