The Lady 47 – The Airsoft AK-47 Endorsed By A Dude On A Motorcycle

Endorsed by Kyle Woods? Interesting…  I think that falls under ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’


8 responses to “The Lady 47 – The Airsoft AK-47 Endorsed By A Dude On A Motorcycle”

  1. kyle wood is a great stunt rider for sure. what he knows about air soft i have no idea “i would think very little”. im sure he did it for the money.

  2. lolairsoft

  3. kyle does every damn thing for the money. I went to one of his stunt shows, and tried getting his autograph.

    “Sure, dude. You got fifty bucks?”

    I walked off, kinda pissed, hand he laughed, said no come back, but then fed me a line about how I could only have one if he got to sign whatever he wanted.

    His choice? the bottom of my sneaker. what a jerk.

    1. …the bottom of my sneaker. what a jerk.

      That’s a real dick move. I had to look this guy up ’cause I’d never heard of him. I still don’t care. What an ass.

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL what a dick. You should have took him down a notch after he signed your shoe and said something like “oh I thought you were robbie knievel… who are you then?”

  4. I lol’d. 175 FPS? Jesus, even low end spring pistols shoot harder than that. You’d be lucky if that thing would reach out to touch something at 10 feet.

  5. The tragic part is that this is UK legal, where the same plastic gun in brown would be a ‘realistic imitation firearm’ and be illegal to buy/sell/import.

  6. its actually a very good gun, easy to clean, charge and 175 fps is decent, and it can shoot 10 feet thank you very much, at a affordable price, he might not be the very nice, but makes good qaulity air guns