Blackwater Makes A Killing Out Of Killing – Rap Video


Being a die hard rap fan, I’d have to say there is nothing more painful than listening to a middle age woman “rap”. You just know she has a couple of kids who will suffer relentless teasing until they move or switch schools.


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  1. Eightbyte Avatar

    My ears hurt.

    1. Eightbyte Avatar

      And to add to this her voice and smug little face really bug me.

  2. BW is a criminal company. lol they work for the US. its called Plausible deniability people. ok try this on. you see a guy in a “shirt” and you really want a “shirt” just like it but cant find one anywhere. you look and look but nothing. i hear your looking for a shirt and i come alone and say i can get you a shirt just like the one you saw and it will only cost you “this much”. so you hire me to get you the “shirt”. so unbeknownst to you. i go to the guys house and kick the crap out of him take his shirt and as i leave i put 2 in his head. are you responsible for the death of said person? hell no.

    its like the CIA there not a government company. thats why we call them “THE COMPANY”

    1. oops messed up my email for replies. lol

  3. damn pinko commies i cant believe that our soldiers fight for their rights to say such things

    1. No, see, this is the difference between America and “pinko commie” countries. A true American fights for the rights of “pinko commies” as well as Americans. A “pinko commie” on the other hand will shoot you if you aren’t a pinko commie like him.

  4. tailypoe Avatar

    this is sorta the half way liberal who’s content to be jingoistic and repeat slogans without investigating who the bombmakers really are who doesn’t know shit and harms more than she helps.

    As a classical liberal, and someone who loves pissing off neo cons, I can’t stand her smug, wooden ass.
    I wonder if she cares that ” the troops ” are admitting they help grow the smack on the news now ?
    and the random black dudes are really disgracing there race there. what’s with the guns . . . .

  5. TheDude Avatar

    well thankfully i read Adam’s and Chase’s shows their is Some people w some intelligence here.. head roc and krs-one know more about our gov works then most ass holes in Washington…and they did that by looking at history people!! take note like i did