Smoking Indirectly Saves A Man From Getting Killed

The Zippo lighter stopped the bullet, leaving Brad Cooper with just a bruise on his leg. He says, “we’ve started making jokes about it at work, They say wind proof…I say bullet proof.”

Full story – HERE

Pretty stupid to keep walking towards a guy with a gun after he already shot you once. If the guy aimed anywhere else this post would have been about a Darwin award winner rather than a lucky break.


5 responses to “Smoking Indirectly Saves A Man From Getting Killed”

  1. I love how sensational the news makes these kind of incidents “Smoking Indirectly SAVES A Man From Getting KILLED”, in case you missed it, they key words were ‘SAVED’ and ‘ KILLED’.

    It’s bogus reporting like this that causes confusion among the general population about the realities of firearms. The guy wasn’t saved from anything. He was shot in the leg with a very low power pistol, at best he would have been facing a minor gun shot wound in a non-critical area, life saving is a bit of a stretch… I know there are some major arteries in the leg, but if that pistol could only dent a lighter I doubt it could have penetrated very far; 9mm or .45 would have been a lot less forgiving.

  2. Ben is right. Nothing going fast enough to reliably kill you would be stopped by a zippo.

    Obviously, this requires some testing. Nothing beats a good thorough debunking.

    Also, it seems like everyone involved in that video just wasn’t hitting on all eight.

  3. Henry Bowman Avatar
    Henry Bowman

    Looks like somebody noticed these objections, as the webpage no longer says anything about lethality.

  4. Josh the Vet Avatar
    Josh the Vet

    “Pretty stupid to keep walking towards a guy with a gun after he already shot you once.”
    -Disagree, how else are you gonna beat the small-caliber asshole to death with his own pea-shooter?

  5. tailypoe Avatar
    tailypoe is amazing ! I would’ve thought it’d explode and blast his bozack, wow …