The BOND Bike – Tactical Bicycle

You can even change out the front wheel for a ski, pretty funny!  I’ve got a nice bike (by my standards anyways… a Specialized Rockhopper FS Comp) so i’ve been out of the bike market for a while… but it seems to me the frame they built this on what looks like a ladies frame, or is that some sort of new design?

You can read more about the BOND bike – HERE

According to the creator there are no plans to sell the bike.


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  1. Looks like a park bike/dirtjumper type of frame to me.

    I’d love to try out a set of the K-Traks up here in Wisconsin…

  2. It is a ladies’ frame but I’ve always wondered exactly why that was. With modern materials the structural difference between the two is negligible, it’s all style…and it would seem to me a ladies’ frame is considerably more, uh, man-friendly in the event you land a little hard or something. Being as this is a bike for a man of action, I suppose a less-than-optimal dismount is inevitable…so I’m liking the frame.

    1. Henry Bowman Avatar
      Henry Bowman

      “a ladies’ frame is considerably more, uh, man-friendly in the event you land a little hard or something.”

      Trust me — anybody who includes that “ejection seat” is NOT thinking about that issue at all.

  3. I’m about 99% certain it’s not a women’s frame, but a park/trials bike with a longer seat tube.

    Some trials bikes do away with the seat all together.

    Womens bikes used to have the lower top tube to make it easer to mount the bike in a skirt without flashing everybody. Modern womens bikes don’t actually look like that anymore:

    The low top tube on the trials bikes are in line with the seat stays (top part of the rear triangle) which makes the frame much stronger for the type of riding that people do with them.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea I think you’re right. It still does look kind of womanly to me though. I’m used to seeing mens bikes with the crossbar 90degrees to the seat post.

      Like you said though I guess it serves a specific purpose.

  4. Yep, definitely not for women – just the current trend toward ‘micro’ frames that even extends to road bikes nowadays.

    As for women’s drop-frames, those were pure and simple for riding in long skirts – nothing else. They persist for reasons of tradition only.

    On topic, I’m pretty sure that flamethrower isn’t, strictly speaking, UK legal. Another guy was arrested not long ago for putting one on his moped, however he did get released without charge.

  5. Looks a lot like a Specialized frame.

    I’m pretty sure it’s the Crosstrail:

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      It does look a lot like that one, good find!