Canadian Long-gun Registry Survives The Vote To Scrap It

Disappointing news for gun owners in Canada. Great news for criminals who prefer to see millions of dollars vanish into thin air rather than go towards hiring more police.

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5 responses to “Canadian Long-gun Registry Survives The Vote To Scrap It”

  1. *expletive deleted* Seriously? I just don’t believe it survived the vote. Sad day in Canada. All those below the 49th, don’t let Obama pull a Canada.

  2. Yup, I’m not very happy right now. Unfortunately, the great country I live in seems to be slowly heading in the way of Australia or Britain. So, it’s time to write more letters

    1. That’s what happened here in Britain — angry people wrote angry letters. In the mean time city-dwellers didn’t give a damn about countryside issues. Nothing useful happened. The pro-gun community in Britain is small, fractured and prone to infighting — not unsurprising because the only thing that unifies us is the fact we use guns legitimately. Some for vermin control, some for deer hunting, some for animal slaughter, some for duck hunting, some for target rifle shooting, some for practical shooting and any number of other purposes. We are gradually learning to do what we should have all along — put our differences on hold and be perennially proactive as well as reactive. Hopefully the Dominion of Canada will learn from our mistakes (in this area and that of supranational government too).

  3. First the registry then the gun grab.

  4. I thought Canadians were smarter than that…