Bushmaster ACR 14.5″ to 10.5″ Barrel Change Video

I was sent this today from Bushmaster:

Drake from Magpul dumps 10 rounds with the 14.5″, then proceeds to switch it out for the 10.5″  barrel in no time flat and shoots 10 more. Pretty slick system.

The ACR looks pretty awesome with the 10.5″ on it!

Bushmaster is taking requests for any specific ACR videos you guys would like to see.

Type your requests in the comments section below this post.


13 responses to “Bushmaster ACR 14.5″ to 10.5″ Barrel Change Video”

  1. I hope that was made/sold as a sbr!

  2. how about emptying some Beta C drum mags through it back to back?

  3. Now if only we could afford one.

    1. Amen! Affordability!!

  4. How about this, Bushmasters next video should be them admitting the only reason they sell the civilian version with a 1/9 twist M4 profile barrel, is that they were to cheep to tool up the hammer forge to produce a proper modern barrel. In this video they should unveil an updated version with a 1/7 twist barrel with any profile other than M4…

  5. can i see a vid of it printing money? At their asking price it should def have that value added feature…. I will buy one of these guns in 20 years or whenever the patent runs out, or by then with inflation 2k wont be such a stretch

  6. I’d like a video of them selling a 10.5″ barrel to a private citizen in an NFA-friendly state.

  7. Magpul: Making things you don’t really need to do fast really fast.

    Excessive waste movement, brah.

  8. D Hawthorne Avatar
    D Hawthorne

    When your barrel wears out on your AR, or have to by a new upper that cost as much as your AR to get an SBR or change your caliber, look see how much my barrel or caliber upgrade cost is compared to yours as an ACR owner. Not to mention free floated barrel, no armeror need for majority of changes, awesome accuracy, folding stock (try that with an AR), ambi controls, a charging handle you can reach, and I could go on. As an ACR owner, I would like to see a video of an AR turning green with envy, and it’s whiny owner admitting the real problem they have with the ACR, that they are jealous and wished they had bought an ACR. Stop crying save up and buy one. I own an AR so I can crack on it, how many of you own ACRs? Then enough already, or maybe I will bash your favorite gun for some pitaly reason.

  9. Workhorse 95 Avatar
    Workhorse 95

    Don’t forget ACR is gas piston too?

  10. Workhorse 95 Avatar
    Workhorse 95

    I got an idea show an AR going through a Beta Mag then an ACR, and compare what the bolts look like. Heck you probably could do 10 shots AR compared to 100 ACR and look at the bolts. The ACR will look unfired and the AR will tired.

  11. Another ACR Owner Avatar
    Another ACR Owner

    Has there been any word as to whether or not Bushmaster will sell the 10.5 inch barrel to citizens? Namely, Texans with the right papers?

  12. how about a video of bushy getting on its knees and asking noveske to produce the barrels for this plastic covered shell of a cheap ar thats way over priced