Do NOT Let Dolph Lundgren Near Your Unicorn

You allowed Dolph Lundgren to man handle your unicorn:


You denied Dolph Lundgren the opportunity to man handle your unicorn:


Glad to see the universal soldier is still getting money.


3 responses to “Do NOT Let Dolph Lundgren Near Your Unicorn”

  1. Eightbyte Avatar

    It’s a shame that Norton is rubbish, because that’s a pretty good commercial, and has the potential to attract a lot of computer illiterate people. (And already has, commercial or not…)

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      meh yea I don’t care much for Norton either. If you ask me, the best anti virus is common sense.

      1. Eightbyte Avatar

        To a degree that’s true, but there are viruses and worms out there that are more elaborate than just your average e-bug (caught from browsing / downloading).
        I was smart with my browsing and with what I downloaded, and I still got a virus with Norton 360 running full scale. I switched to Avast about a year ago, and haven’t had anything slip past it yet. Best part’s that it’s a free antivirus.