Handgun Bluetooth Earpiece – A Bad Idea Turns Worse

After coming across a recent Make magazine project on how to retrofit a bluetooth headset into an old rotary phone earpeice,  blogger Mike Haeg decided to do the following:

I decided to mod a Bluetooth earpiece for my phone out of a kids plastic toy gun. Now, I look forward to receiving a call from the First Lady while I’m at work. I draw the gun out of my pocket, stick the barrel in my ear (the speaker is in the business end), and pull the trigger to answer the call.


That on its own is a terrible idea.. but then I read this:

I’ve been debating on painting it to look like a real gun. (I get equally giddy and frightened by the panic that this could cause should someone not notice that the gun is a fake or should I accidentally take a call while at the bank.)

Read the full post on his blog – HERE


3 responses to “Handgun Bluetooth Earpiece – A Bad Idea Turns Worse”

  1. I’m pretty sure here in California that’d be brandishing, regardless of whether the firearm is real or replica.

  2. Oh, that’s definitely full retard. Everybody knows you never go full retard.

  3. That’s a bit funny, actually. He has a sense of humor, at least.