Who’s Got The Gun Now?

Mostafa Mohammad, the manager of a Chicago cell phone store says it was just instinct that prompted him to spring into action and fight off an armed robber Tuesday evening.

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Oh Chicago, you always provide me with such good material.

When I saw this video I thought *FINE, I guess disarms sometimes DO work*.  Thank god the bullet didn’t hit anything important when the gun went off.

I love when people flip it on the criminals.


5 responses to “Who’s Got The Gun Now?”

  1. I would have shot him in the struggle, one less ass off the streets.

  2. wait … Chicago ? where did that guy get a HANDGUN in Chicago ??? … :p

  3. First, this is un-possible since there are no handguns allowed in Shi(t)cago.

    Second, I’m sure you are aware that guns do not “go off” — someone FIRED IT!

    Lastly, it really did my shriveled, black little heart good to watch the turd get the tables turned. He sure wasn’t so tough when he lost his weapon, was he? I only wish Mo had shot his ignorant @$$ – then I’d have been forced to do my naked happy-dance out in the street!

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. I wish this had audio, I would have loved to hear what Mostafa is screaming at the punk after he got the gun away from him.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      yea that would have been epic