Guns For Hoagies – An Ambitious Gun Buyback Program

Starting Monday, bring your gun to Ricci’s Hoagie Shop located at 1247 South 21st Street in Philadelphia and get two hoagies, chips and soda.

Full story – HERE

And I thought getting $100 for a gun at the normal gun buybacks was a bad deal! Those better be some damn good hoagies.

I’d really like to know the success of this program.

On a side note, it would be an ironic twist if someone were to die of food poisoning or something from one of the hoagies. I bet the antis would still try and blame the guns somehow.


3 responses to “Guns For Hoagies – An Ambitious Gun Buyback Program”

  1. Hell, if someone wants to hand me their Glock I will buy them a steak and lobster dinner.

  2. I think this is ingenius for the owners of Ricci’s. They probably like guns and thought this would be a good way to acquire a few more.

  3. antibubba Avatar

    The first thing I thought was that another name for a hoagie is “Hero”, and that anyone doing the exchange clearly is not.