Friends Don’t Let Friends Do This Kind Of Thing To A Gun

Behold this Hi-Point:

Looks like someone decided to make a hell of a statement on their “uniqueness”. I think I puked a little in the back of my mouth. LOL

I’m going to go out on a limb and even say that it looks like someone attached a gold link chain to the upper part of the backstrap under the slide. Could this be some sort of quasi retention lanyard for a pimp?  Your guess is as good as mine.

I don’t mind seeing people stipple and pattern their grips for a more aggressive texture, but seeing those useless bedazzled looking holes drilled in the slide just breaks my heart even on a Hi-Point.

Source: PAFOA (long thread but worth it… it answers some of our questions about the horror of what happened)

Thanks for the updated link Shawn.


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  1. That is pretty awful looking. Are you sure those are drilled holes and not sticker “gems”?

  2. John M Avatar

    Yes, more of a Lo-Point really.

  3. bedazzling on crack….

  4. Anyone know how the grip was ruined?

    1. Wood burning tool.

  5. I imagine it’s important to note that it’s a Hi-Point; I don’t think you’d ever see someone who had the sophistication and financial means to buy a Kimber do something like this to their weapon.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that this either comes from a place where there are a lot of crack dealers, single mothers, and housing projects, OR (probably more likely) a place where there are a lot of people named “Bubba” and “Dusty,” and it’s perfectly acceptable, maybe even encouraged, for first cousins to marry.

    1. Wouldnt doing the same thing to a Kimber be in the same light? A Hi-Point is a shitty polmer gun, a Kimber is a shitty 1911… It would almost be as funny as parading a Kimber as a good gun to begin with.

      1. I’m no pistol expert, but I’ve known people that love Kimbers. Doesn’t the L.A. SWAT Team use Kimbers as their official pistol? Isn’t there a Marine Corps ICQB pistol that’s made by Kimber and used by Marine Corps special operations?

        I would say that the fact that either of those groups trust Kimber pistols is compelling evidence that they are just a little bit better than you seem to think they are. I imagine there are few, if any, people commenting on here who need to be able to trust their pistol more than members of the L.A. SWAT Team or the men in Marine Corps special operations.

        1. No doubt with price in mind. There is a reason Wilson and Nighthawk sell 1911’s non stop, and it isnt because they look cool. 1911 guys regard Kimbers as mass produced guns and they perform as such.

          1. You should make it your mission to broker a deal between Hi-Point and the Marine Corps, or any police force that uses Kimbers. You can explain to them your theory that the Kimber is no better, and it is not “a good gun to begin with.” The price being (apparently) the reason that those groups use Kimber pistols, surely they would be interested in the much less expensive Hi-Point, and surely you could would stand to make a huge commission by setting the deal up.

            1. “you would stand to make…” not, “could would”

              Shame on me for not proofreading.

  6. It’s meant to be jewelry… As in, worn around the neck.

    1. concealment :-)

  7. Well, at least you can identify these kinds of bubbas with the Moron Label.

  8. I think the gold chain attached to the pistol adds a nice touch.
    Don’t want to lose that piece of art.

    1. thanks :-)

  9. Jake Dorsey Avatar
    Jake Dorsey

    The grip actually looks pretty gripy!

  10. carver Avatar

    PAFOA = Pennsylvania Firearms Owner Association. Some real winners on there… sigh.

    1. Bryan S Avatar

      Yeah, I bet we are :P

      Anyhow, if this is the gun I think it is, its was a way to make the thing look as tacticool, gansta style, as possible. This may be the same gun that was buried in a litter box for some time to be a torture test of sorts. Gun actually did better that people thought it would after being crapped on for a while (gloves were used, laughter was had)

      1. The first definition of “tacticool” in the Urban Dictionary is exactly how I would use the word:

        1. Tacticool
        Derived from the word “Tactical”. 1. Descriptive word for equipment or clothing that does not have any tactical purpose; but looks cool.

        This fails to meet that definition because there is absolutely nothing cool about it. It looks like something that a middle schooler who rides the short bus to school would do to a BB gun. This should be called “special-ed style.” Wouldn’t “gangsta style” involve making it as nondescript as possible to avoid it being easily recognized as belonging to you, so when you throw it in the bushes when the police are chasing you nobody will be able to say, “I’ve seen him with that gun before, I recognize all the stupid crap on it”?

  11. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Still can’t hold a candle to those .38 Super 1911A1s recovered from the Mexican gangsters awhile back. While very “bling” those pistols had some beautiful engraving and grip work done. Of course it’s like comparing a Honda with a spoiler and ground effects (the Hi-Point) to a restored ’64 Impala convertible with hydraulics and 1200w of sound…

  12. “holes drilled in the slide just breaks my heart”

    Maybe he was trying to reduce the weight!

    1. it didn’t affect the function of the gun at all. Lycan wanted to just put around trigger gaurd, which would have the gun pointing side ways….unsafe…so we did that. More safe…and cool ;-)

  13. If anyone actually read the thread on PAFOA where this picture came from they would realize that the whole thing was a joke, satire, by one of our very well respected members.

  14. Lolz at the Lo-Point. Better served as an anchor for my kayak.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      wow that is awesome.. thanks for the link shawn! LOL

  15. The HI-POINT sucks anyway!!! so is not a big deal… sorry.

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  17. pics arn’t there anymore…really funny internet thread…glad i had the oppurtunity to take part in it. :-)