Looks like it could be alright.  Nice and topical too considering the recent female Russian spy (Anna Chapman) who was recently busted in New York.

Good choice of handgun with the compact glock :P (as seen on the movie website):

I can’t decide if Angelina Jolie looks better with Blond hair or not.

It’s in theaters now.

Movie website – HERE

IMDB page – HERE


3 responses to “SALT”

  1. I guess she’s left handed. Prefer brunette.

  2. wawqdads Avatar

    why are all the spy movies against Russia?it seems to me that they never learn!That cold war mentality from 20 years ago still has effect.It fucking ruined the movies!Sure,a movie or two with russians are nice,but all of them?Its getting boring!Why cant they kill french or greek spies?it will be a lot more interesting!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha yea you’re right… maybe Hollywood thinks the accent is more menacing?