Testing Barrel Donuts (Barrel De-Resonators)

Karnis figured out that he need three, to really tune his barrel. He discovered that he needed the Chocolate covered glazed, glazed old fashion and glazed blueberry. After, examining his groups, he thought the blueberry needed a little tweeking, either that or he was a little hungry.

My Hawkeye would just not respond to two or three, had to go a full load, plain cake, glazed, glazed old fashion, chocolate covered cake, chocolate glazed, cinnamon old fashion and a plain cake. Man what a difference this made!

Although, our experiment is highly scientific your results may vary. (Source)

And the video with accuracy report:



5 responses to “Testing Barrel Donuts (Barrel De-Resonators)”

  1. Well, it looks like these guys don’t need to be eating anything fried, full of carbs, and covered in sugar, so maybe this is a good alternate use for those doughnuts. Didn’t Chief Wiggum do this on “The Simpsons” with doughnuts on his revolver? I think he’s eating them off the end and damn near blows his head off!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha yea I do recall Chief Wiggum doing something similar with donuts on his revolver… Must have been a long time ago because I quit watching Simpsons about 8 years ago. I hear it got funny again though.

      1. I stopped watching it on television a long time ago… I think it was on the movie.

  2. Antibubba Avatar

    Just as long as he doesn’t use them while hunting, since that would be cruller.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hahaahhaa nice one