Bunnies And Federal XM193 5.56mm M193 Ball Ammunition

Some men see ammunition with bunnies and ask ‘why?’:

I see ammunition without bunnies and ask ‘why not?’


12 responses to “Bunnies And Federal XM193 5.56mm M193 Ball Ammunition”

  1. I think someone has stumbled upon the key to making guns less scarey for the sheeple…. next, lets do AK47 drum magazines with puppies…

    Everybody loves puppies :)

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I think you’re on to something Paladin!

  2. So, these would be WAR BUNNIES?

  3. These are THE war bunnies. A clandestine group trained by socom, they go forth on the battlefield with their huge teeth and remove the heads of enemy soldiers who suspect nothing…until its too late.

  4. THEY LOOK SOOOOOO SOFT!!!!!! <3 the Bunnies….and of course you have to <3 the Ammo too!

  5. Look, those rabbits have a vicious streak a mile wide! They’re killers! They’ve got huge, sharp… er… they have ARs. Look at the ammo!

    1. Heh, beat me to the Holy Grail reference :}~

      1. Heh. It was either Python or a Vorpal Bunny reference. I figured more people wold get Python.

  6. Timmeehh Avatar

    Bunnies + ammo = Rabbit Stew

  7. Pop N Fresh Avatar
    Pop N Fresh

    all I can think about is that old movie Night of the Lepus

  8. Admin (Mike) Avatar
    Admin (Mike)

    You guys are way over my head with the old movie references hahah

  9. This is just perfect, I can now support PETA and the NRA with 1 photo.