9mm Meets .40 Caliber

Funny because it’s true. hehheh


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  1. There should be a third panel where the .40 says “Just a Glock.”

    Sorry, I had to.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      oooo a low blow :P nice one though! haha

  2. Daniel Avatar

    NutNFancy would so frown on your Glock comment. : (

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  4. Bobby Hunter Avatar
    Bobby Hunter

    Hmm… I’ve been looking to buy a Glock 10mm compact. Do all Glocks have this kaboom problem or just the 40?

    1. tacotwofer Avatar

      glock 40’s work just fine…just stay away from +p ammo and dont shoot reloads…My glock’s, 23 and 22 have run fine. I am not a glock fanboy by the way..I own a sig, two Hk”s (which I hate) and a proper XD. Cheers!!

  5. wheres the .45acp telling them both to shut up. lol

    1. The .45 ACP, being the Chuck Norris of the self-loading pistol world, feels no need to acknowledge this pathetic dispute between two l00zer calibers…

      1. tacotwofer Avatar

        The Chuck Norris 45. Caliber doesn’t like the periodic table of the elements because the only element that the Chuck Norris 45 Caliber recognizes is the Element of Surprise!!

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha good call. If I could draw I would execute your idea in the form of another strip.

  6. .40 Glocks are defective and blow up frequently, which is why no law enforcement agency in America uses them.

    1. Well played, sir.

    2. tacotwofer Avatar

      …your being facetious right?? I mean what does the FBI know? Silly FBI using handguns that blow up..!! lol

    3. Umm bro u have no idea what the heck you are talking about. 82% of Leos carrying glocks are carrying. The 40. FBI, DEA, US MARSHALS, IRS CID, among the the federal Leos. Now I don’t feel like naming every state and local Leos carrying 40s( mostly because I don’t have enough room) I shot both Glock 40 and 9mm often I see why people say the 40 is a bikt more snappy then the 9mm. And yes on certain occasions a 40 can KB but I think it all depends all on preference.

  7. Lol!

  8. Isn’t the .40 just a shortened 10mm? If so I’d imagine it would be more prone to KBs than the .40.

    1. Actually the 10mm Glock uses a larger frame than the .40, so it’s not as prone to KBs. The .40 Glocks use the same frame as the 9mm Glocks, only the chamber is reamed out 1mm wider.

      Although, the .40 is HUGELY more popular than 10mm, so some of the reputation it has for KBs is because there are so many of them out there.

      I have a G23 and I’m not worried…

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  10. Honestly, the whole .40 KB thing has truly blown out of proportion. Yes, .40 cal Glocks do KB more than 9mm Glocks. Is it often enough to concern a .40 cal Glock user? Not even a little. Worrying about your Glock 22 or 23 blowing up instead of a 9mm Glock is probably comparable to the way that a 6 foot tall guy worries about lightning strikes more than 5 foot tall people…

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  12. @ tacotwofer
    the FBI isn’t professional enough to use a Glock .40 (some of you will get this).

    1. tacotwofer Avatar

      laughing on the floor!!!…thats fair!!

  13. feelin good Avatar
    feelin good

    The FBI ordered the 10mm then the ladie fibs and other limp wrists could not handle the “sidekick twist” recoil. Sooooo, the Fib boss ordered the 10’s to be downsized in the powder load to the point it would not penetrate when a 9mm would because of the larger cross section of the 10mm projectile. Facts is facts, the 40 was born!