iPhone 4 Shot With .50 Caliber Rifle

Very anticlimactic:


Not to mention the fact that it was a shitty shot.  I think a lot of people over estimate their shooting ability when making videos like this. Who knows how far back he was?  Obviously too far, considering he hit the phone in the bottom right corner.

I think if I was going to destroy a $300 phone I’d at least have a few different camera angles.

According to the description in the video, the rifle used was a Barrett M82A1:


3 responses to “iPhone 4 Shot With .50 Caliber Rifle”

  1. I pegged an iPod Classic (had suffered a hard-drive death) with a .50 black powder rifle right in the scroll wheel a couple years back. Can’t find the pictures though… Was a pretty good shot, but it was only at 50 feet.

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