Missouri Police Shoot Dog On Catch Pole

This dog was first chained to the trailer, wagging its tail. The only aggression shown by this dog was after it was re-chained up to a pickup truck for about 10 mins. Yes, it panicked when the catch pole came out but that is to be expected. Most animals will panic when a catch pole is looped around their neck by a stranger. The dog was shot once then seemed like it was wagging his tail before it was shot the 2nd time in the head.

The officer shoots the dog at around 5:28

How sad.  I hope the guy who shot the dog doesn’t have his job anymore. That is outrageous.

I wonder why they even bothered pointing the camera at the area where they were going to get the dog from.  Is that standard procedure now if you have the time to do it? Seems to me like it would be in the officer’s best interest not to record themselves doing anything, because any criticism they would get, could just be swept under the rug.  I am really glad though, that incidents like this DO get caught on video.


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  1. What is it recently with all these cops hating dogs?

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      Admin (Mike)

      cool thanks for the link! Good info there. I’m not sure why your comment got blocked the first time.. maybe it was because your put the link in the “website” part of the post so wordpress thought it was spam.

  2. I genuinely loathe animals due to an attack I suffered when I was young, but this is absolutely reprehensible even from my perspective.

  3. I did a little Googling, and found that the county where this happened doesn’t even have an animal control. The article I read stated that they rely on police and sheriff to handle animal control calls. That doesn’t appear to be working out too well now, does it?

    Things to notice: The Cop is obviously uncomfortable with using the restraint pole, and is more than a little afraid of the dog. Neither of the cops in the video seem comfortable handling a dog like this, and its pretty clear they are seeing the dog’s attempts to get away as “aggression”. The worst Animal Control Officer that I’ve ever worked with would have had this dog secured on the truck in a matter of minutes.

    At this point, I’m prepared to blame the city/county government more than the cops on the ground for failing to provide a proper animal control capability. Cops can get thrust into situations like this with absolutely no skills, training, or resources to deal with it.

    This is what happens when people fail to recognize the value of trained animal professionals. They think anyone can do the job. Its just dogs… right? How hard can it be? This is a fight I had with my current employer when we first started the animal control department here 5 years ago. They thought we could just be interchangeable with code enforcement, building inspectors, etc. I was able to convince him pretty quickly that such a lack of understanding of my job would result in someone being seriously mangled.

    1. In addition to blaming the jurisdiction, how about we look at the owner of the dog? I’m certain the police didn’t go out to capture this dog for no reason. And seeing that they are untrained, or uncomfortable handling dogs, I would imagine that they would gladly let the owner place the dog in the vehicle, had the owner been present. I’m sure there was some sort of negligence or irresponsibility on the part of the dog’s owner that led to this situation in the first place.

      I can’t fault the cops too much. Like you said, it would seem that it’s the local government’s fault for sending police officers to do a job that should be handled by an animal control professional. The dog may not have been very aggressive until they tried to capture him, but what were they supposed to do? Talk the dog into the vehicle? I’m not sure what options they realistically have when a dog becomes aggressive while they’re trying to capture it.

      I think I’ll stick with blaming the dog’s owner. A dog that’s being properly cared for, kept on the owner’s property, doesn’t attack anyone, etc., doesn’t require police involvement.

      1. Whatever helps you sleep at night BRO. But you’re wrong.

        1. I honestly can’t argue with that, because you’ve made no point whatsoever.

    2. Robert Leonard Avatar
      Robert Leonard

      Right. Use this senseless tragedy to reinforce job security at your place of employment. Two UNTRAINED children could have handled this situation with more professionalism and grace. Common sense. These two cops do not get a pass for killing a tamed clearly stable house pet.

  4. All by itself, this looks terrible. But it is possible that the dog attacked someone and had to be put down. Certainly there are more humane ways of doing this, but if there is a budget problem or a management failure then the officers involved shouldn’t be blamed.

    Context is very important.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I agree context is important. The cops seemed to be getting pissed off at dealing with the dog though, which led to it being shot. If their initial mission was to go there to put the dog down, it sure wasn’t clear until the end of the video.

  5. This crap makes me sick. That dog wasn’t even moving when he shot it. If the dog had been charging him it would’ve been completely justified. If that had been the case I would’ve done the exact same thing. Instead of just strong-arming the dog somewhere safer, this chicken shit with the pole up and shoots it for no reason. I hope someone shows his kids this so they know what a coward their daddy is.

    I hope the image of that poor dog wagging its tail until it faded away haunts that son of a bitch.

  6. Henry Bowman Avatar
    Henry Bowman

    They didn’t kill this dog because he was a threat to them, it’s as if they had orders to kill this dog. Like it had been proved rabid, or it had already bitten two people, or something like that. The other cop looked to me like a person who just had an underlying fear of dogs, and I was expecting him to be the shooter. But the cop who had him on the noose was the one who shot him, and he didn’t seem worried about the dog at all. This was an execution. But I still want to know why.

  7. this is just typical porcine behavior…
    the two really excellent cops i know both quit the force , one because he couldn’t deal with the dept bs any longer, the other after 33 years…
    the rest have proven to be a waste of skin and random electrical impulses…
    most seem to have ‘issues’ with society as a whole and a predisposition to abuse of power under color of law…
    the people who were in my POST were the scariest bunch of f-tards i have ever experienced..
    a prolonged association with them made the decision to abandon any LE related employment very easy…
    it is not any easy job for decent people and it brings out the worst in those who are marginal to begin with…

  8. I can’t even watch this, for I know it will both piss me off and break my heart. This man just doens’t need to loose his job, but face the maximum punisment under the law.

    1. Alexander Avatar

      I agree with Michael and would like to add how much I would like to open a can of whoop ass on that bastard !!!!

  9. I noticed how they are desperately trying to spin this. The dog was growling, the dog was vicious, it was a threat, etc.

    Sorry, but it was the yahoo with the gun that was vicious and a threat.

  10. Hermine Stover Avatar
    Hermine Stover

    I am a very small woman. I would have had that dog in the truck ONE WAY OR ANOTHER myself. I know aggression. I did not see any, i saw two cowardly men kill a helpless frightened dog, who had been lying down a few minutes before.

    Now I do not know why the dog was out running loose or what he or she had done. But the cops seem like stupid sacks of mindless blubber, and frankly, I would not want either of them as a partner if I was a cop. I have seen enough videos of dogs being killed like this to be able to watch this without falling apart, but the tail wagging, even if it was only reflex, did break my heart a little bit more, and the second shot, done without mercy, without feelings, makes me fear for the human beings who are policed by such as these two disgraces to the uniform.

    1. I think they got the dog in the truck, “ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.”

      1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        touche` sir

  11. Susie Mozley Avatar
    Susie Mozley

    Where did this happen? Want to know so I can follow up on the charges. What the dog had done to get a death sentence. Were there kids around to watch this? So many questions about this.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LaGrange, MO. Let us know if you find anything out!

  12. Davis F Avatar

    Why didn’t the cop with the taser just taze the dog?

    1. bikeman Avatar

      Had the Taser discussion on another forum. the Taser would have to have been shot from very close, or done a contact taze. it might have been effective while the taser was on, but it also could set the dog off while it was trying to defend itself, casuing the officer to shoot it… It also could have done some other serious damage to the dogs system as tasers are designed to be used on a human body. IF (notice I said IF) the dog had been aggressive, doing a contact taze wouldn’t have been very safe.

      1. Well it doesn’t look like a bullet to its torso and head were very safe either. You talk as if the cops had the dogs best interests in mind by not shooting. How very idiotic of you.

      2. Robert Leonard Avatar
        Robert Leonard

        The dog was shot and killed. I’m sure if the dog had its’ choice of suppression devices it would’ve chose the Taser….What is your highest level of education?

  13. loosethoughts Avatar

    REST IN PEACE pooch
    BURN IN HELL tard with a gun

  14. It does not matter what the dog did, if it did bite someone, the dog is needed ALIVE stupid! By the time the head can be tested, the people bitten would have to underfo treatment.

    The problem is that these guys were plain cowards, as are most cops now. I had a family memeber who was a LEO, an LT. in a Sherriffs Dept in Mo. There is a certain REAL toughness that should be reuired by cops that is totally lost today. Both were wearing gloves, they probably had a tazer but didn’t want to waste a shot on a dog. They didn’t know what they were doing, clearly untrained to protect and serve. Damn good thing it was not my dog because I would make the guy’s life very unpleasant one way or another. Why did they not enlist assistance from the dog owner? We need people that have some bravery about them, not no guts kids to do a man’s job! LEO’s today act like can’t get a scratch on them and city councils don’t want claims for injuries and they are backed 100% no matter what. LEOs are way out of hand. Many, if not most cops, would have been criminals if they didn’t get a badge. Today a dog, later a person, they just can’t wait for the opportunity to join the macho bad guy killer club. A killer is a killer. So now, if you have a smart ass young cop who lacks judgment and maturity a citizen can’t really step up to see that the right thing is done. If I had been there that would not have happened that way! If the dog was a bad vicious animal, then put it down, damn thing was wagging it’s tail after being shot…..freaking coward cops! Small hick town pinheads, I’d like to slap the crap out of them and the prick who ordered it!

    Good thing that there are still some good cops with some common sence out there!

    Now, you might think that I’m some convict or cop hater, not true at all, worst offense was speeding. LEO and politicians don’t understand that they are making situations that should be rather simple matter of law enforcement into a life and death situation.

  15. Actually, I have found that state law dictates how an animal is to be “put down”, by a trained animal technician or officer with a small caliber (.22) to the back of the head. Obviosuly this idiot was not trained nor was the idiot who authorized the action.

    As far as I’m concerned, the “officer” discharged his weapon in violation of state law. He used a weapon to commit a clear act of animal abuse. Clearly, shooting an animal (domesticated animal) in the body is nothing less than animal abuse. Others have been charged for improperly destroying a dog in Missouri. So, why wasn’t this guy charged?

    Not only that, but the local prosecutor probably has knowledge of this matter and what is his (her) duty?

    Who was the owner of the dog? I’d like to meet the owner because I’d like to finance a law suit againt the officer and the city. It does not matter what the dog did, could have bitten 10 little kids in a school crosswalk and the nunn walking them, killing the dog is not the correct course of action, period! If the animal did bite someone, it needs to be observed, as I mentioned above, the idiot just sentenced any bitting victim to a series of painful medical treatments!

    I’ll be looking into this matter and hopefully, by now, the little powers to be in that town have wised up and have gotten rid of this cowardly idiot, if not, well, better get with his department’s attorney and make a plan and hopefully the owner can take action with the backing of others.

    Where did the humane society folks go anyway?

    I hope that guy is at least fired without a job and standing in a soup line!

  16. That is what happens when people are weak, and complacent .
    There’s just no reprocussions, and they’re free to just do as they
    wish, with no fear of anything. I and alot of other americans would have
    held him accountable immediately and promptly put two OR MORE bullets
    in the so called cop who thought that was acceptable behavior .
    Or at LEAST smashed his head in with a brick. something !
    And I guarantee any others would think twice in the future .
    I mean thats nothing less than somebody’s family .
    Anthropologists draw direct correlations between how advanced
    cultures are by the way they treat their dogs.

  17. are you kidding me. how can that be acceptable in our society. I mean enough is enough.those cops need to be responsible for those actions.That dog had a great temperament and in no way should of been shot for that.I normally do not say boo to anyone about anything but this is just making me sick to my stomach.my dog is a family member and if that was my dog i would react the same as if it was my kid or relative.I would be going to prison for the rest of my life over this and this cannot be excepted anymore, and it should be investigated.Those are the most cowardly police officer in history.I respect most police but some are psychopaths hiding in plain sight behind the luxury of a police uniform.That is flat out cold blooded and anyone that can pull the trigger on a defenseless dog should be fired and have to pay for his or hers actions.This is really bothering me and I am having a hard time getting over this.Dogs love humans more then any other animal including most humans.I really want to sign or do what ever is necessary for this to not be accepted anymore.Who the fuck are they to get away with murder?what if it were a k9 and a criminal trying to get away shoots one and gets life for it.why should they be able to kill like that.No remorse and OR penalty.This is caught on video.there is evidence there.The older i get the more people and our country is disappointing me.How did we get to allowing this and excepting it.why is this so down played and why the fuck are these guys in police uniforms.enough is enough and people better start standing up for others instead of waiting for it to happen to you and you only..May these men in this video receive the same fate as that dog.may they be treated the same and may they suffer to lose what they care about most.I curse you and would like to tell them TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES AND DO US ALL A FAVOR AND PUT ONE IN THERE OWN HEAD! world has enough sociopaths on it.

  18. Piss poor excuses for “men”. Karma is a vicious bitch; their retribution shall be dealt with a mighty blow upon their worthless souls. Do people seriously think their puny existence in this life is all there is? You are being judged; you will be held accountable.