Starts off really cute, but…

Do not watch if you don’t like seeing a doe hand a dog a beating:


Word on the street is that that dog had converted an airsoft lower to a M16! :P

Talk about being incredibly protective of that fawn. I think that can serve as a lesson to everyone, that cute animals such as deer are still wild animals no matter how docile they appear at first.


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  1. LOL! That was great! I like the dogs owner, just yells at the deer. Maybe its easy for me as a “big man” but would of grabbed something (lawn chair, flag pole, anything handy in the front yard) and ran over to scare momma off. I doubt the dog got badly hurt, I’ve seen smaller dogs take a worst beating and walk away with just cuts and bruises. I also like the cat with the brass balls.

  2. Halo_Storm Avatar

    What’s wrong with the owner of that dog? She should have just ran over and tackled the deer, just grab its neck so it can’t bite you, and your golden…

  3. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
    Aleksandr Mravinsky

    Would it be justifiable to kill the deer in that situation? If you are being attacked, I am pretty sure that it is permissible to kill an animal, endangered or not. But does the same protection apply to your dog?

    1. I’m sure local laws are different everywhere, but it is almost certainly legal to kill an animal that is attacking your dog. I assume you’re talking about shooting it though. It may very well still be illegal to discharge a firearm inside city limits (depending on the city) to defend a dog. And when you consider that the deer is out on a public street, not confined to someone’s private property like a fenced-in backyard, I’m guessing that shooting it would likely get you into some trouble. Just for the shooting part; if you were to beat it to death with a shovel you’d probably be fine! Either way the PETA morons and the ASPCA would get their panties all in a bunch.

      1. P.E.T.A.


  4. I feel sad about the dog getting its ass kicked like that.

  5. Well if that little demonstration or mother nature wont cure that neighborhood of the “Bambi” mentality, then nothing will.

    Reminds me of a story a few years back, older citified couple driving along, see buck standing by the road bleeding, gent gets out of the car “to help the poor deer” and gets promptly gored to death.

    BTW, got a kick out of that cat, he was defiantly thinking…”this is one big, strange lookin effing mouse, how am I going to take this one down”.

  6. BTW, got a kick out of that cat, he was defiantly thinking…”this is one big, strange lookin effing mouse, how am I going to take this one down”.

    Heh. I got a kick out of that, too… my last cat probably would have at least bitten down and went for the ride. She regularly killed rabbits on her own, so I think Bambi might have been in danger. (chuckle)

  7. And the dog probably dropped those chambers to turn it into full auto.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL no kidding AJ… I hear its so easy to do.

  8. On one hand, most if not all States have laws outlawing the causing of unnecessary pain to vertebrate animals (wild or domestic) but otherwise under law, pets are considered to be personal property.

    So the question would be whether you can harm the deer to protect property in that State.

    And while I do I feel for the dog, I’m sure that community – like most if not all others – has a law requiring pet dogs to be fenced or leashed when in public. So the owner’s mostly responsible.

    Besides, what’s the best way out of trouble? Avoiding it in the first place.

    Blame the stupid humans.

  9. “Wild animal” is not the opposite of “docile.” All animals will attack/run away from things that they think are a threat to them. Domestic dogs tend to be pretty stupid and not realize that dangerous things are dangerous, that’s why they get killed by things like deer and cars. I hope this dog survived.

    And holy crap, that cat has a death wish.

  10. Bryan S. Avatar
    Bryan S.

    So, if someone were to protect the dog and shoot the doe… what of the fawn?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      It would be like a modern day suburban bambi movie

  11. McThag Avatar

    Where I live I would have been legal to shoot the deer. While it’s completely residential, it’s also unincorporated county so “protecting livestock” is allowed. Dogs are considered such.

    My first thought would not have been to grab a gun over seeing a deer in the neighborhood. I would have, however, gone to get my dog before the dog got too close to mommy deer. Protecting the youngin’s is instinctive.

  12. What if the dog die. Did it?!?!?!!