OPSEC and Unsecured Hotel And Public WIFI

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I don’t trust the security of hotel WIFI connections, and other public internet access, so if your comment got held for moderation for an extended period of time while I was gone the last few days, it should be approved now.

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I see that you guys are having quite the discussion on the ATF Decrees An Airsoft Rifle A Real Firearm post.  I’ll have to go through the comments later on and read your thoughts.

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8 responses to “OPSEC and Unsecured Hotel And Public WIFI”

  1. Pat H. Avatar

    The newer smart phones like the Motorola Droid can be “tethered” and used as your own personal WiFi hotspot, eliminating the hotel system entirely.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea I’ve seen one of my friends do that with his blackberry. I don’t own a cellphone anymore though so that’s not an option.

  2. I personally use a VPN but not everyone has there own. If you don’t have your own VPN solution setup there are a few places that provide them for free. People use them to protect themselves while at hotels or coffee shops (or to view websites locked to certain countries) Check this site for a list of a few out there. I haven’t used any of them myself http://bit.ly/aCoeYk and http://bit.ly/cmdWkZ for some choices and user comments.

    1. Oh yea and if your really just want to hide or bypass a restrictive country you may want to look into Tor http://www.torproject.org/ and I2P http://www.i2p2.de/ . If your thinking of using them for getting bittorents you may want to read this: http://bit.ly/cwyKXw

      1. A good number (no hard data of course) of TOR exit nodes are monitored – some by government agencies, some by NGO’s (like Wikileaks), and others by private corporations. TOR itself is trivially detectable – you’re not ‘hiding in the noise’ like a lot of people think – it’s more like standing on a hill with clear fields of fire shining a spotlight saying “ENCRYPTION” on the side.

        Of course any VPN solution not under your control runs the risk of being monitored by someone.

        In my experience, Anchorfree and UltraVPN are both good, but just understand someone will see your traffic.

        1. Agree fully. Unless you own/encrypt from point A to point B someone may be listening in. Tor doesn’t make you more secure. It can only obscure if used properly. If you enter un-encrypted you exit un-encrypted from either.

      2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        Cool thanks, ill look into those some more.

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