Ohio University 2nd Amendment Club Book Shoot – Levar Burton Disapproves

Why didn’t they offer this at my University?

Not like I didn’t do it anyway, rather than selling the books back to the university bookstore for a ridiculously low amount.

Sounds like an awesome way to introduce new shooters to the wonderful world of guns, and start the summer off with a bang.

Pretty sweet that the $20 fee includes the use of the firearms, hearing protection, eye protection, and NRA certified instructors. I wonder if you bring your own ammo, or if they have it for sale there?

The Ohio University 2nd Amendment Club has a crude website set up if you are doubting their existence.  The book shoot is announced on the events page.

Pretty funny counter poster with Levar Burton.


12 responses to “Ohio University 2nd Amendment Club Book Shoot – Levar Burton Disapproves”

  1. Chase Avatar

    The counter-poster is hilarious. Reading Rainbow was my favorite show when I was a kid.

    But I would never shoot my books. Some of them cost more than a hundred dollars, and I can sell them back to the bookstore for about fifty. I’d much rather shoot the textbook publishers.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      My books were always several hundered, and the bookstore was in the business of buying them back for basically nothing and then selling them back to students. Most of the time though, they switched the edition, making the book I had useless for the next class which meant you got even less. Shooting or burning the books seemed like a good option if you didn’t want to keep them.

  2. carver Avatar

    If you really wanted to get back at the textbook publishers why not start a program to recycle these overpriced books to incoming students. Shooting them is actually pretty stupid if you ask me, just means more profits for corporate. The only way you can hurt them is through their wallet.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      They switch the editions on books all the time, so a term later the students taking the same class that you did will need a different book. Sometimes they just shuffle some stuff around, and you can get away with using the old edition, but not always.

  3. I agree with the others… I always sold my books independently to other students, which got me more money and saved them the bookstore markup (I buy and sell guns the same way, when I can…). That being said, shooting old phone books and catalogs is fun, and those are literally (and literately) worthless.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      literally (and literately) worthless.

      hahahh nice!

  4. Anti-Hippy Avatar

    So what! Some books you might buy are $200 dollars but next quarter they become old and your school might go to a newer version. You can either wait 2 months to sell the big chunks of tree’s online to another poor student or you can cover it in napalm and shoot the fuck out of it. Show those damn hippies, what is what! LIKE A BOSS.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      +1 to that!

  5. Thank you Second Amendment Club for sponsoring this year’s book shoot. My husband, (a former state trooper) and I are behind you 100%. We believe in the safe way you are teaching kids about firearms. Have fun and shoot a book for us.

  6. I can certainly appreciate the spirit of this event – shooting up textbooks that are likely only worth pennies on the dollar after the semester is over; it’s symbolic. My aunt is a college professor and she has struggled in the past with finding ways to avoid switching textbooks, or with buying textbooks from sources outside the normal publishers to keep costs for her students down – she’s a great lady; I love her to death!

    Generally speaking, I’d say I support intellectual property rights, but this whole textbook industry is a scam. Rewording a couple of things or putting the chapters in a different order does not constitute a “new edition” of a book.

    Groups of students ought to get together, buy one book, cut out the pages, find someone with access to an office with an industrial strength office copier with a document scanner, and start sharing PDF versions of the book with each other. It’s shameful how the whole textbook thing works – they’re outrageously overpriced to begin with, and then they’re obsolete after a couple of semesters. Crooks!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      That’s nice that some professors such as your aunt try to keep the costs down for students. Most of my professors didn’t care enough to bother. They even admitted to getting kickbacks from the publishers, and apparently that is perfectly acceptable.

      I agree, cutting a book up and scanning it in would be the way to go. I still prefer paper to digital when it comes to science and math books, but I’m sure I could get over it (or else just print the pages out that I wanted to have hard copies of).

  7. I burned any notes and books I did not need the next year… quite a cathartic experience.

    That said, I would have totally paid $20 to rip a few rounds through them, especially with some certain classes…