Bill Maher Wants A Real Black President With A Gun

I think this is hilarious:


I watch a lot of comedy, mainly black comedians such as Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, Mike Epps etc… and most of their comedy is racial. They poke fun at all type of stereotypes, whether it be black, white, asian, hispanic, and frankly I think it’s hilarious.   And no one would think those comedians I mentioned were funny, if what they said couldn’t be related to by a large number of people in those races that they poke fun at.

The classic double standard rears its head once again when it comes to this Bill Maher Clip. Most of the blogs are OUTRAGED to say the least, that he would say such a thing.  :roll: get over it… He made a black joke, who cares.  It’s perfectly acceptable for black people to joke about white people, and I don’t buy that shit, that it can’t go the other way.

If you think anyone who laughs at this clip is racist, I say go get a sense of humor. And if you think it’s unfair to associate black people and guns, I say go read any Chicago based news website for starters.  Or are those stories fabricated as a part of some vast conspiracy?


6 responses to “Bill Maher Wants A Real Black President With A Gun”

  1. It is more because of the hypocrisy.. You do know who Bill Maher is, right? He’s not just a comedian.

  2. IndyDEW Avatar

    If he was racist, I don’t thank he would be dating black women!!!

    1. Jeanius Avatar

      Well, that logic doesn’t ring true for everyone apparently; my husband is a white conservative and he chose to marry a black woman, but his liberal co-workers still think he’s racist because he supports the tea party (as do I). His parents raised him not to see color as a qualifier and yet he’s judged every day for his own. Anyway, I agree with the first commenter that it is more because of Bill Maher’s hypocrisy that he is judged for his comments about the president. Any conservative making such jokes would likely be blasted by Maher himself for making racist statements.

  3. #1 Maher is s douche
    #2 Wasn’t that funny of a joke
    #3 you are totally right, if Dave Chappelle did this it would be all the rage (I’m Rick James bitch!)

    …if Limbaugh made this joke on air….oooh, too painful to think about…

  4. Broseph Avatar

    I like this site more and more every time I visit it. Keep up the good work Mike. I agree with you are the Maher thing too.

  5. DocScience Avatar

    If cross-racial stereotype humor is now ok for white guys, then Bill Maher and those of his ilk need to stop accusing non-liberals of racism for cross-racial jokes.