Shooting v.s. Golf – Shooting Wins

According to a study conducted by Responsive Management, 34.4 million Americans went target shooting in 2009.

For comparison, 28.6 million Americans golfed (a minimum of one round) in 2008, according to the National Golf Foundation.

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I have only been golfing a couple of times, but I actually found it more stressful than a stress relief. Shooting on the other hand, even if you are terrible at it… it’s hard not to have a great time.

No word yet on the statistics of the popularity of combing guns and golf as shown in picture I used for this article. :P


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  1. Mike delete this comment when you read it but that’s not a golf cart buddy. you do know that a Ranger ATV right? with i believe those are mat tracks… golf clubs or equipment in that pic man!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hahah thanks it never crossed my mind that it wasn’t a golf cart. What a terrible design.

      I knew there was no golf equipment in the picture, but it was parked on some nice grass, and I thought it was a modified golf cart, so why not? :P

      1. Eh, don’t worry; I’ve got a Ranger XP like that without the tracks and I call it my golf cart (I don’t play golf though. And I don’t know what a golf cart costs, but I’ll bet you could buy multiple golf carts for what that Ranger you have pictured costs!).

        This video shows how you combine golf and shooting –

        1. Chase Avatar

          That video is hilarious. I bet it would be ten times as funny if done for real, although sadly that’s impossible because it would endanger other people’s hearing.

          1. Yeah, that would get somebody into big-time trouble. And I don’t think people would be laughing about it like on the video. It looks like it must have been some sort of flash paper gun (like they use in movies).

        2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
          Admin (Mike)

          haha awesome vid. My dad actually emailed me that same one the other day.

  2. Heck, Cheaper than Dirt sells a Golf Ball tosser that attaches to the Flash Suppressor of an AR-15 and tosses them right nicely. I understand they create a heck of a racket when the Ball is “tossed” into the bed of a pick-up truck – especially when used near a Golf Range!!!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I’ve seen those golfball launchers on sites, and just looked them up on youtube. Pretty fun idea. Looks like it can launch a golfball pretty far. Too bad blanks are so expensive.

  3. Antibubba Avatar

    With that I bet I could hit a hole in one every time!

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