Chicago Indoor And Outdoor Homicide Classification

Chicago’s rising homicide rate spiked on Tuesday with a murder-suicide that left three people dead and three more bodies found in a car.  Police Supt. Jody Weis knows that he will ultimately find himself on the hotseat for the surge. But, he’s got a new defense.   He’s creating a new category of “indoor” homicides — and downplaying what police can do about them…“Those homicides that are outdoors — the ones that I do believe we have a good possibility of preventing — we’re around 98 homicides for Chicago outdoors. That’s as low as it’s ever been, except for 2007, when I believe we had 97 homicides outdoors as of this date,” he said.

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Interesting way to deflate the numbers. I wonder how he can even pitch that with a straight face?

As you can see, I’m in a photoshop mood tonight.


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  2. Maybe it time to arm your citizens not just your criminals

  3. I wouldn’t know where to start on this issue, in so much that everything that is so wrong about the anti gun arguments, Political correctness, various minority cultures etc, has manifested itself in Chicago with a vengeance.

  4. Antibubba Avatar

    So how is a homicide inside an RV handled? Or a VW bus with a mattress in the back?