Soccer Coach Pulls Gun On Dad At Kids Game

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Fruitport Township, MI – Police said several parents confronted James Sherrill on the field after witnessing the coach yelling and swearing at the boys, ages 8-10, who were playing the game.

After the initial confrontation was broken up, another parent approached Sherrill as he was leaving. That is when police said Sherrill pulled a concealed 9mm handgun from its holster.

Sherrill then drove himself to the police department to report what happened, according to officers. He was then arrested for felonious assault and will be arraigned May 28.

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If you don’t back off, I’m gonna shoot you.

Soccer is serious business.


7 responses to “Soccer Coach Pulls Gun On Dad At Kids Game”

  1. Chase Avatar

    “It was terrrible,” Eikenberry said. “Awful — I mean, to know that he had it right there on the field with our children? That is horrible.”

    So the fact that he brandished the gun at someone without any reason to do so isn’t the problem at all. It’s the fact that a firearm was near some children that scares you. This makes me want to vomit my hot chocolate.

  2. I bet there is way more to this story.

  3. You know if someone walked up on me while I was trying to get in my car I might react in a threatened manner.

    I’m trying to run all the possible scenarios in my head…but think about it. If you were condition white and you just opened your door and someone backs you up against your car…you have to make the judgment if you have the time and opportunity to get in your car, lock the door and get out of dodge before someone assaults you. If you can’t get out safely you may need to stand your ground and prepare to defend yourself

    It is hard to say he brandished simply for the sake of brandishing without more details, he may have I can see it going down both ways. He may very well have been intimidated and believed the gentleman had come up on him to do him serious bodily harm (the fact that the gentleman who came up on the “coach” wasn’t on camera in the news report makes it hard to judge…if he was 6’5 250 all muscle, or at the time of the confrontation had something weapon-like in his hand and looked angry that might be a viable reason to pull the gun).

    The fact that he had a CCL and reported it immediately is enough to withhold judgment until more info comes out

  4. Henry Bowman Avatar
    Henry Bowman

    Comments on the original story indicate that the “victim” may have been a serious threat. Others vindicate the coach as a “responsible gun owner.” They’re worth checking out. After all, the guy DID make the first police report, which is precisely what we are all taught to do in a self-defense brandishing situation.

  5. The fact that he turned himself in, and that people still stand behind him even after the incident kinda hints to me that the parents were a lot worse than the news makes them seem

  6. It doesn’t sound likely he had reason to use deadly force. It sounds more like one of those situations where, as they told me in SD class, to loudly and clearly state you have a gun and you will use it to defend yourself. I wasn’t there and none of you has said you were, so we are all speculating. But even if a guy is pissed off and approaching you by your car, and you think he’s likely to swat you, that alone isn’t sufficient in most places to excuse you shooting him. He needs to at least be making threats, and even then you would be on thin ice. If the guy had a weapon or professional martial arts training, this would be a little more clear-cut. I think this article may be pertinent:

    A = Ability. The person deemed to be a threat must possess the ability or power to kill or maim.

    O = Opportunity. The person deemed to be a threat must be capable of immediately employing his power to kill or maim.

    J = Jeopardy. This means that the person deemed to be a threat must be acting in such a manner that a reasonable and prudent person would conclude beyond doubt that his intent is to kill or cripple.

  7. Tbogg Avatar

    I know the guy that brandished VERY well. have known him for years, and have always known that he carried. I KNOW he would never brandish unless he felt he was in imminent danger.

    There is always more to the story then the media portrays. James is a very responsible guy, a great father, a boyscout leader, and an all around awesome guy. Also, he did not use “deadly” force as DOM stated. he simply brandished. i would think deadly force is a little dramatic. if he did pull the trigger, that would be deadly force.