If Jesus Had Lived In A Time And Place Without Gun Control


5 responses to “If Jesus Had Lived In A Time And Place Without Gun Control”

  1. Chase Avatar

    I’m pretty sure this cartoon comes from the Onion, which, although it’s just a parody, routinely tries to make gun control advocates look bad with cartoons like this one. I usually end up liking them though.

  2. CinSC Avatar

    Hmm…not sure what the point is, but it’s a misunderstanding of the narrative either way. While Jesus did advise his disciples to arm themselves he went to his execution willingly.

    1. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
      Aleksandr Mravinsky

      Yup. I dislike it when people misunderstand Christianity in general (and Catholicism in particular). Half the stuff people who call themselves “Christian” do is not something that they should be doing. Humans are fallible, so nothing of this world and in this world will be perfect all the time.

  3. Heh.

    Although didn’t the JC want to get crucified? That was his plan wasn’t it? Thus why he told Peter to chill out with the sword when the Romans came to get him?

  4. Yes, this is clearly made up. As people have mentioned, he went to his death willingly, having told Peter to put away his sword, and mentioning that he could call down a legion of angles to defend himself. I still kind of like it though; it is silly, but not acurate.