Airsoft To AR-15 Conversion – Fox News And ATF Beating A Dead Horse

A investigation reveals that a popular recreational pellet gun can be converted easily to a real semi-automatic weapon. And while the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is already aware of the issue, these “toys” — new, top-of-the-line airsoft rifles — continue to be sold throughout the country.

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Airsoft Gun Seizure – Apparently Toys Can Be Real Guns is the article I wrote back on Feb 28th on the airsoft gun seizure in Tacoma, WA.  I thought that situation would have been cleared up by now, but apparently not.

I said this once and I’ll say it again… if it can be “easily” converted, to me that means with the use of handtools in a few minutes time. Hell, anything could be made into an AR-15 lower receiver if you had the patience… why is the ATF not confiscating cutting boards, blocks of wood, billet aluminum, glass  etc…???  It’s nice to see that the firearms expert that they consult for this article actually is quoted saying the exact same thing.

The onus should be on the ATF to prove their case with a video or other detailed documentation. If they can not prove these toy guns can be “easily” converted then they should quit the harassment.


10 responses to “Airsoft To AR-15 Conversion – Fox News And ATF Beating A Dead Horse”

  1. bryce Avatar

    my favorite line “almost anything can be made into a receiver.”

    Again, gun bans do not work with criminals

  2. Bryan S. Avatar
    Bryan S.

    According to another report I heard on this, some of the high end lower receivers of rairsoft guns can be mounted on a real deal upper with the drilling of a hole or 2, but would not last for more than a few shots.

    But we are talking destroying a $600 airsoft gun to get what equates to a very poor reciever, which can be had for $100.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      But we are talking destroying a $600 airsoft gun to get what equates to a very poor reciever, which can be had for $100.

      hehe yea that’s pretty funny. I’m sure criminals have easier ways of getting guns for less money.

  3. SPC Fish Avatar
    SPC Fish

    when i used to look into homebuilt firearms a lot i had seen a man make an AR-15 reciever out of sheetmetal much like an AK-47 reciever. it took him a little while but it worked good and was even modular like the MGI reciever. we even talked about if it was possible to sell the halves so you wouldnt have to ship them through an FLL. but nothing ever came from it.

    but i would recommend checking out some of the home gunsmithing forums. there are some very interesting things people make

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      A stamped AR-15 receiver? Sounds epic. I’m surprised that hasn’t gone mainstream for really cheap.

      Yea those home gunsmith forums are awesome! People are very resourceful.

  4. bryce Avatar

    It took me about five min to find this

    Check out what $89.00 gets you at the bottom of the page

    a no FFL lower 80% done. If you are going to machine one, do it on one that is going to last

    OH I forgot Criminals don’t know how to use the web

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hehe yea those 80%ers are pretty sweet. I still think the price is a bit high considering completed lowers go for around that now. It would be a fun project though if you had the tools.

      1. The sad part about 80%s are that, although the Obama administration claims to have not touched gun control laws, are restricting and redefining what 80%s are. The 80% 1911 frame is no longer legal (or at least, I haven’t seen one in ages), many stores offering them have been shut down (for some reason, i think of the ATF raiding their stores).
        Just last year, the AR-15 could be completed by drilling a few holes. But the ATF redefined what an 80% receiver is, and now the 80% ar-15s have solid fire control pockets…

        1. Now, what really worries me is what the article argues about, which is the fact that the upper receiver is not regulated. Legislature can very well redefine the regulated part of an AR-15 as the upper[and lower] receiver. Kind of a hassle if you want to switch upper assemblies…

          1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
            Admin (Mike)

            Yea that would be a huge pain in the ass if uppers got regulated.