Glenn Beck’s Speech At The 2010 NRA Convention

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Definitely worth watching.

If you have trouble starting the video, just refresh the page or click on the video window again when the loading wheel is rotating… it seems kind of picky.


6 responses to “Glenn Beck’s Speech At The 2010 NRA Convention”

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  2. Pop N Fresh Avatar
    Pop N Fresh

    feel like I just heard his radio program and the commercials were removed

    1. Bryan S Avatar
      Bryan S

      And still a valid message.

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  4. Jesus christ this guy is a windbag.

    As someone who fully supports the RKBA and most republican causes, I say that people like Glenn Beck are the WORST thing that ever happened to us.

    People like him ruin our chances of educating the fence sitters.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hehe yea Glenn Beck sure does like to hear himself talk; Alex Jones is another one. I still think they both have some good points they end up making though.